Mercy Johnson first movie

Mercy Johnson first movie

MJ stands among other famous Nigerian actresses. This beautiful woman attracts film directors who keep sending her new movie scripts. Do you remember Mercy Johnson first movie? Which film made her famous, highly demanded and loved by millions of Nigerians? Continue reading to find out.

Mercy Johnson first movie and start of the career

Mercy Johnson Okojie

All fans of Nollywood movies can remember such impressive films as Dumebi the Dirty Girl, 30 Days in Atlanta, Thy Will Be Done, From Freetown TL and others. They all Star Mercy Johnson Okojie.

This famous actress has conquered Nollywood and built an impressive career that jumped right to the heights after her first films. She has a strong character and has proved to be a hardworking Nigerian woman who is loved by many people.

Playing in more than 150 Nollywood movies, Mercy Johnson knows how to make headlines and reportedly earn nearly 2 million Naira per film.

Even though some movie directors believed that she asked for too much, many professionals kept sending her scripts and asking her to star in their films.

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P.S. According to, Mercy Johnson Okojie’s estimated net worth is approximately 55 million Naira.

When did such an incredible career begin? What was the very first movie MJ appeared in? Do you remember its title?

What was Mercy Johnson first movie

Born in 1984, the actress even didn’t know she would choose this profession . A

Mercy Johnson was raised by her military father Mr. Daniel Johnson who often moved causing his kids also move with him.

MJ failed university JAMB exams and had to think about her life and further steps. This was when she thought about getting into the movie industry. One of her friends helped her to get introduced, but she spent more than a year trying to reach film producers or someone who could help her get a role. The important phone call was finally received and her career was launched.

The Maid was the first film starring MJ in 2004. Mercy Johnson played a possessed housemaid. The movie The Maid is listed as ‘supernatural’ and ‘drama’, so you are highly advised to watch it if you like mysterious themes and wish to see MJ acting in her first role ever.

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Her first movie The Maid gave her incredible start and was followed by amazing career development and release of hundreds of films. She was awarded several awards, including, Best Supporting Actress -African Film in 2009 and Best Actress, Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2013.

Seven years ago the actress was added to Google’s list of ‘Nigerian celebrities who were most searched’ by users.

Now you know the answer to the question, what was Mercy Johnson first movie? Thanks to it, we all have a fantastic actress who makes Nollywood movies always awaited.

Mercy Johnson has a happy family with kids and a loving husband, though she doesn't appear in Nollywood movies as often as she used to, we are always glad to watch a new film featuring her.

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