It’s an insult for Bianca Ojukwu to lose an election - Yul Edochie

It’s an insult for Bianca Ojukwu to lose an election - Yul Edochie

Bianca Ojukwu, wife to Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, recently began to pursue her dream of becoming a senator for Anambra south senatorial district in 2019. However, her hope was dashed when she lost the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) primary election to her contender Prince Nicholas.

While many people are not pleased with this, the one person who has vehemently taken to the podium of social media to express his discontentment is Yul Edochie.

The Nollywood actor who is now very actively involved in politics took to Twitter to loud out his extreme disappointment at Bianca losing the APGA ticket. According to him, given the fact that she was related by marriage to the prodigious Ojukwu, it was an insult for her to lose an election/

He could not come to grasp with the fact that she had been subjected to an election and defeated in the party that Ojukwu himself formed. For him, it was only honourable for her not to be put through the hassles of a tedious electoral process in the first place.

See his full post here:

"It's an insult to the entire Igbo race & to the Great Ojukwu who fought for the wellbeing of Ndi Igbo, same man who formed APGA, for his wife to be subjected to primaries & even announce that she lost.


Automatic ticket should be given to her. Uphold honour!"

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Yul's agitations and opinions have always generated a lot of reactions and this one was no exception. Quite a lot of people did not find the rant of the son of veteran actor Peter Edochie very necessary.

This was because they felt being related to a person like Ojukwu does not automatically substitute competence or capability. See some of the reactions of fellow Nigerian tweeps:

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This is coming after reported that the Nigerian community in China showed their allegiance to Bianca Ojukwu and vouched for her. They had urged the people of Anambra south senatorial district to vote the beautiful lady in as their senator without letting her gender act as a barrier. Well, it would appear party members of APGA were not keen on heeding this advice.

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