Top Kenya tourist attractions

Top Kenya tourist attractions

Africa is the heart of exotic tourism and Kenya tourist attractions are iconic from this point of view. Safari, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, lakes of an incredible beauty – all this calls tourists from all around the globe to visit this African country. Which are the best and most attractive tourist destinations in Kenya?

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The best tourist activities in Kenya

  • Masai Mara safari

Masai Mara is a savanna area that lies close to the boundaries of Serengeti National park in Tanzania. This is a piece of wild nature as it is, with all those famous and incredibly picturesque views of giraffes against the background of the setting sun, elephants and rhinos drinking water, lions resting in the shade of rare trees, and so on.

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Once in a year you can even see millions of antelopes and zebras traveling from Tanzania with its dry grass to the richness of the green Masai Mara savanna planes.

  • Masai Mara ride on hot air balloons

Watching the savanna from the ground is not at all like watching it from the air. This is a fantastic activity organized by local camps for tourists. As a rule, the balloons are heated right before the dawn so that tourists are in the air at the moment the sun rises. The activity usually lasts for about an hour and this is the time you spend with your camera on, watching the life of the savanna and drifting with the wind.

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  • Amboseli National Park

This national sanctuary is another option of Kenya wildlife tourism. In this park, you can see many African animals, like in famous pictures. African elephants, giraffes, buffalo, zebra, cheetahs and many more can be seen here everywhere in their natural surrounding. It is one of the most unforgettable experiences one may have in Kenya.

In addition to the animals, tourists can also meet the local Masai and even visit their authentic village that looks exactly like the ones they used to have centuries ago. Finally, this is a place where one can see the famous Kilimanjaro Mountain.

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  • Tsavo East and West National Parks

The eastern part of this old and large national park is split in two parts by a railway that connects Mombasa and Nairobi. If you take a travel from one of these places to the other, you will have a chance to watch the fantastic wildlife views on both sides of the railway.

This park offers visiting the longest lava flow in the world (290km), Lugard Falls on the Galana River, and Tsavo special lions that are different from the regular ones due to the absence of the lions’ manes. The western part of the park lies in the area with more mountains, lakes and even swamps. This is a perfect place for those who love watching birds.

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  • Lake Victoria and Lake Nakuru

These two lakes are true natural marvels and real gemstones of Kenya. They are incredibly beautiful and offer a perfect backdrop for those who like to observe birds through a camera. The lakes are located quite closely to each other and if you want, you can visit them within one tour. It will be a great experience, something like spending a long time by the side of serene waters, watching great landscapes and wild nature.

The area around the Nakuru Lake is protected as a national park and there are some very specific species of wild animals. For instance, some lucky visitors have a chance to see rare local lions, which are able to climb trees.

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  • Mombasa Island

Mombasa is a great place to complete one’s vacations after dusty safaris and watching savanna nature. Located on the coast, Mombasa offers long beaches fringed with luxurious palm trees and coral reefs under the warmest waters of the ocean.

The city itself offers numerous sights for tourists from all around the world. A big port, it has a range of places to see even though they are not officially tourist attractions. For instance, Fort Jesus, which is in the collection of the UNESCO heritage, is well worth seeing just to imagine how powerful European colonists used to be in the past centuries.

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  • National reserves: Samburu, Shaba, Buffalo Springs

These tree areas are often regarded as one because they are located closely to each other. Each of them has its own specific features that are able to attract the attention of tourists very well. For instance, Samburu is known as a great wildlife sanctuary and a place where one can see thousands of iconic Africa's species, such as zebra, oryx, Masai lions, and many others.

The area of Shaba is attractive in another way: it has a particularly picturesque landscape. The grasslands that surround the Shaba volcano and the woodlands make this place very special. The area smoothly blends with the territory of Buffalo Springs and the three areas eventually merge into one all together. Even the fee is paid only once when one enters the territory.

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  • Mombasa Marine reserve

One of the biggest Mombasa tourist attractions, this is a protected area in the coastal waters close to the city where you can speculate plenty of picturesque coral reefs (230km long) and other fantastic representatives of wild life in the Indian Ocean. This area is in the same range of the best diving sites in the world, together with the Great Barrier Reef and others. The water (the temperature of which often reaches 31 degrees Celsius), white sand, coconut palms and the general atmosphere of peacefulness attracts many tourists.

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  • The city of Nairobi

The capital city of Kenya, Nairobi offers an interesting and very bright experience for those who wish to feel the true air of the authentic Kenyan life. This is a big city with its own vibrant ways and habits and you are sure to have the experience of your lifetime.

Of course, visitors from other countries should be very careful in the streets of such a big city, especially in the evening because the crime rates are still quite high, but with some carefulness you can have an incredible time there.

Museums, lively and vibrant markets, art and culture galleries, tea and coffee houses are waiting for guests.

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  • National park of Nairobi

This is an amazing small wildlife park right within the city area, one of the loveliest Nairobi tourist attractions. The park lies only seven kilometers away from the city and if you get to the city limit at the side of the park, you will even notice some animals (usually the tallest giraffes) walking in the distance.

Now, the park is a home for many species of wild animals. some of them are extremely rare and need protection. Others have developed a nicely healthy population within the park, like, for instance, rhinos. The park is a perfect opportunity to see the African wilderness without leaving the capital city for those who have no time for distant wildlife tours.

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  • Gedi ruins

The ruins of the ancient city were discovered between 1948 and 1958 in the Gedi village. The discovered city was quite big for that time and quite developed. The houses were equipped with incredible flush toilets and there were drain channels lining the streets. It belonged to some Muslim people who seemed to be at good trading terms with the entire world.

During the excavation, researchers discovered a Chinese vase of the Ming origin, an Indian lamp and even some Italian beads. Now, all these items are exposed in the local museum together with the reconstruction of the everyday life of the inhabitants.

The strangest thing about this city is that there’s no information about it in any ancient historical or geographic sources. The only evidence of the existence of the city is in its ruins. Now, the city is open for visitors and inhabited by guenon monkeys.

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This is only a small part of the most interesting, attractive, and spectacular things to do in Kenya. The authentic and scenic wild nature, wildlife parks and sanctuaries, spending time with local people and watching traditional Masai dancers provides numerous opportunities of having the vacations of your lifetime.

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