We'll begin training, retraining of politicians, political parties - Group

We'll begin training, retraining of politicians, political parties - Group

- A group has promised to train and retrain Nigerian politicians and their political parties

- SUSO also called for a re-orientation of citizens against the backdrop of believe Nigerians are corrupt minded people

- According to the organisation, the biggest problem confronting Nigeria is the perception and attitude of some Nigerians towards the country

A civil society organisation has called for the re-orientation of the Nigerian populace with a view to driving the desired development across many sectors of the economy.

The Stand Up Speak Out (SUSO) Initiative said it is important for the Nigerian populace - home and abroad - to be involved in making Nigeria a better place.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative during the Independence Day celebration, chairman of the organisation, Doyle Edeni, said the SUSO initiative was founded for the purpose of driving a mind change among citizens.

According to Edeni, the biggest problem confronting Nigeria is the perception and attitude of some Nigerians to the country.

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He said: "We have systems in place that calls people to account and here (Nigeria) our systems are not well developed and that is what all of us are working towards achieving - that all of us would live as good citizens and do our jobs to project our imagine right."

Edeni said the SUSO is not about fighting the system but calling on each and every Nigerian as an individual to make the system work.

He said the Nigerian system is excepted to work in such a way that will depart radically from the definition of who they (the West) think Nigerians are to actually showing them who Nigerians really are.

"SUSO is Stand Up; Speak Out, but you're not just speaking in terms of saying things with your mouth but also your life's work.

Who are you? How do you go about your daily tasks in terms of how you work at your office? Your public life, how you relate with people and so on.

When you're out of this country, are you conscious of the fact that you are a Nigerian and the general perception that your people are evil and create an opportunity to disprove that not by shying away from being a Nigerian but shinning the light for people to see who a true Nigerian is," Edeni noted.

He also said the SUSO initiative would begin a process of training and retraining of Nigerian politicians and political parties to ensure that there is an understanding from all quarters on the need for better services to Nigerians.

We'll begin training, retraining of politicians, political parties - Group

SUSO has promised to begin training and retraining of Nigeria politicians and political parties.
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Further stating that the initiative is for all Nigerians especially those who have attained the age of 12, the SUSO chairman said, things will remain the same in Nigeria until citizens begin to exhibit a change of mindset and seek solutions to challenges facing the nation.

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He said the initiative is for all Nigerians to own and form a bonding with the aim of accomplishing that better Nigeria of their dream.

"As Nigerians, we cannot continue to bear the scars of what other people label us as," Edeni said.

Edeni reiterated that citizens must learn to be concerned with the output of policy makers and those elected into office.

He opined that while the Nigerian dream can be referred to as the basic desires of every citizen to have a good home, raise a family and do what they a passionate about, these basic necessities must be achieved in a debt-free manner.

He said the quest to survive and succeed can hardly be achieved in the midst of the harsh circumstances and challenges facing the country.

"There must be a re-orientation of every Nigerian," Edeni said.

"It is fraudulent for us to try to imitate the westerners in all we do, we should be very comfortable in what we have and who we are.

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"There must be a rediscovery of the strength in our diversity and the creation of a new indomitable national spirit of unity through the empowerment of citizens to rise up to their true potential.

"We will also focus on re-igniting the passion for accountability and dignity through raising champions to identify and showcase role models in the society," Edeni added.

Also speaking, a member of the board of trustees, Ibiere Dateme, said SUSO will adopt direct campaigns, grassroots intervention, town hall meetings, institutional campaigns, constructive engagements and collaboration with government agencies like the National Youth Service Corps, the ministry of youth and development among many others to create an enabling environment to bring the desired societal change.

She said there is no benchmark as every citizen from the age of 12 and above who met the initiative's set criteria can become a member of SUSO.

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The SchoolMe Foundation said over the years the cost of education has been on the increase and the educational system is in dire need of improvement and innovation.

Jacob Momoh, a representative of the foundation, called for active participation of private sector participation in developmental programmes to support government’s efforts in providing quality education for Nigerians.

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