Man married for 15 years shares important marriage tips online

Man married for 15 years shares important marriage tips online

Marriage as is well known, is not always a smooth ride for some people. While many people attribute successful marriages to settling down with the right person, this man has taken to social media to share a few tips.

Identified as Ajero Morgan, the Nigerian man shared some very interesting advice on how to get one's marriage going. Having recently clocked 15 years in marriage, Ajero appeared to many as someone who certainly knew his onions when it comes to marriage.

He recently took to the Twitter platform to give 5 marriage advice based on the things he has personally learnt. From learning how to deal with your wife to learning how to satisfy her and building a faith-based relationship, he seemed to get a lot of audience on the platform.

According to Morgan, one of the things he's learnt from being married is that, one must get ready to handle 3 personalities when you get married to a person; the person you thought you married, the person you married and the person he/she is going to be as a result of being married to you.

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He wrote:

"I'm 15 years in marriage Today. And here're 5 things I've learnt: /1. When you marry 1 woman, expect to live with 3 women: 1. The woman you think she is 2. The woman she is 3. And the woman she's going to become as a result of being married to you. The third one is up to you.

/2. Your woman does not really need you to do the "big" things to satisfy her. Seemingly "little things" like hugging her, kissing her on the forehead, telling her you love her, noticing her new hairstyle, sitting with her in the kitchen makes her feel so loved and valued.

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/3. Don't "demand" respect from your woman. Respect her and her values first and let it show in your words and actions. What you continously pour on her is what she'll eventually become to you. Be genuine but be visionary also. It'll help her to trust you more and follow you.

/4. The most "expensive" s*x is "free" s*x. Stop valuing a side chic because she costs you more money. That's called irrational behavioral tendency in marketing. What your woman gives you for free at home is the most expensive. So Invest in it. That's wisdom for long life.

/5. Build your relationships and family on a foundation of love and reverence for God. The prosperity and grace to sustain a happy marriage comes from Him. It's not by power or might."

Pretty interesting!

Still on the issue of marriage advice, social media has been thrown into a debate after Foluke Adeboye, wife of the the general overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Emmanuel Adeboye, stated during a church programme that, that a couple seeking endorsement for their marriage ought to go to their pastor first before going to their parents.

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