British Nollywood actress Oyinbo Princess calls out eatery for kicking out her sister while breastfeeding her baby (video)

British Nollywood actress Oyinbo Princess calls out eatery for kicking out her sister while breastfeeding her baby (video)

Pidgin has never sounded better when used by anyone like it did when it was spoken by a popular British Nollywood actress, Oyinbo Princess, who in ranting about the ill treatment of her sister spoke fluently in the indigenous Nigerian English.

Although her impressive use of pidgin is worth talking about, the message passed across by this British woman whose name on Facebook is Claire Edun is even more important.

According to Claire who is also a Nollywood actress and female comedian, her sister was kicked out of a popular eatery in Junction 27 Birstall, Leeds in the UK while breastfeeding a child. In the long rant she wrote, she had accompanied her sibling to buy coffee at the renowned store.

Her sister was also hoping she could feed her baby who was premature and barely four weeks old. In the middle of breastfeeding her child, Claire and the new mother was urgently asked to leave the eatery as they were closing. The fact that they were not given prior notice upset the actress a lot.

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After the short notice, the duo was forced to vacate the premises of the place even with the baby. This was done despite the fact that Claire's sister was still feeding the baby while walking away from the eatery.

On the other hand, the British Nollywood actress was full of thanks to another eatery where the attendant waiter upon hearing their predicament allowed the sister to breastfeed the baby, gave them free doughnuts and also a big hug.

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The British whose nickname is Oyinbo Princess said that the name of the attendant was Clare and she was the perfect embodiment of great customer service.

See her full post here:

"Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. Listen up Starbucks I am totally appalled with your attitude towards a breastfeeding mother (my little sister) this evening at Junction 27 Birstall, Leeds. As you can see in this picture, we went to Starbucks to buy a coffee and breastfeed a very hungry 4week old, premature baby. Halfway through our coffee we were told urgently to leave as they were closing.

There was no mention of this prior to being told to leave; a little forsight from staff would have gone a long way. With the newborn halfway through a vital feed we had to juggle all our bags and be forced onto the street in the cold and not even a helping hand or explanation (possibly insurance restraints or something which meant we needed to leave). Meanwhile my sister is struggling out of the door while still feeding her baby. THANK GOD for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts @krispycreamdoughnuts who are next door. As we entered with our coffee from Starbucks, we felt bad being in another restaurant that also sells coffee having already purchased from a different place.

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So we decided to order a doughnut each to warrent being able to sit down and continue to breastfeed the baby. As I approached the counter I was upset, seeing my sister struggling with her first child, being forced out of Starbucks... the lovely lady in Krispy Kreme picked up on my emotions and I briefly explained what had happened. She was AMAZING; not only did she offer her empathy she actually gave me two doughnuts and said for me not to pay. She gave me a massive cuddle which made me feel so much better.

CLARE is the lady's name and she is exactly what customer service is all about. NOTE: Customer Service is SO MUCH MORE than just serving a customer and collecting their money!! In future guess where I'll go to buy coffee?"

Even more, Claire shared a video where she talked about the way she felt after the ill treatment using the pidgin English. Being a comedienne, the post she shared turned out to be hilarious and witty.

Watch the video below:

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