How to plant a tree: easy steps

How to plant a tree: easy steps

In this article, we want to tell you about the steps on how to plant a tree. Read on to see the manual, find out the best time for planting and some useful tips to get a good harvest and beautiful looking tree.

Tree planting


How to plant a tree: step by step instructions?

Proper planting is a guarantee that the tree will take root in a new place, and will grow healthy and strong in future. If you do not know how to plant a tree, then look at this easy steps - it provides a detailed description of planting trees.

Often people plant trees in the wrong way. The most common mistake is to plant a tree into a deep landing hole. Another common mistake is insufficient watering.

We have prepared for you a universal tree planting method that is suitable for almost all types of trees. Planting a tree according to this scheme is not difficult, because you do not need any special tools. All you need is a shovel, tape measure, and garden hose, strength and patience to dig a hole. However, to plant a tree correctly, you need to know some details.

  • Choose a place to plant a tree. Keep the permissible distances (at least 1.5 m) from the landing site to the house, sidewalk, driveway and other trees. Pay attention to overhead power lines, most trees will grow to the height of power lines.
  • Measure the width of the root ball of the tree and increase this value to 2 or 3 times to calculate the diameter of the hole for the planting pit.
Steps tree planting


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  • Mark the contours of the landing pit on the ground. You can do it with twine or spray paint. With the help of the shovel remove the topsoil with grass in the marked contour, this soil can be taken to a compost pile or transplanted to another place, but do not use it to fill the planting pit.
  • Measure the height of the root ball to the root neck. Put the tree in an upright position and untie the burlap at the base of the trunk. Using a garden ripper, carefully remove the soil from the top of the root ball to find the root collar, the place where the roots separate from the trunk.
  • Dig a hole the depth of which is equal to the height of the root ball. Subtract 3 - 5 cm from the height of the root ball and dig a hole of this depth. It is very important not to dig too deep a landing hole. Put the excavated ground aside from the pit, you will need this ground to fill the pit. See also: How to plant Ugu vegetable in Nigeria?
  • Stretch the string at ground level and check the depth of the hole by measuring the distance from the string to the bottom of the pit. If necessary, deepen the landing pit.
  • Put the tree in the landing pit. Turn the tree in the right direction, choose the best looking side. Stand back and look at it from different sides. As a rule, trees have one, the most beautiful side.
  • Cut the burlap or mesh that fixes the root ball. Free the root ball from burlap. If the root ball is too tightly packed, loosen it at the edges to free small roots
Tree roots

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  • Add superphosphate and complex fertilizer to the previously excavated soil using recommendations for planting trees on the package. Mix the soil thoroughly with fertilizer.
  • Fill the landing pit with soil. Be careful not to cover the root neck. When the pit is full, use the spade blade to form a 20-centimeter rim of soil around the perimeter of the planting pit.
  • Pour the planted tree with a big quantity of water. When water is absorbed, level the rim, evenly spreading the soil around the perimeter of the planting pit. It will be very useful to fill the planting circle with a layer of mulch of 10 cm. It will help to save moisture and prevent the growth of weeds.
  • Water the planted tree every day for the first week, twice a week for the second week, and then once a week.

One more widespread question about tree planting is - when should I plant a tree? Theoretically, you can plant a tree at any time of the year. The optimal time is a period of physiological rest when the trees are dormant in anticipation of favorable conditions for the growing season. Thus, the best time for planting trees is spring, but some types of trees are better to be planted at other time of the year. It is better to clarify the time for planting when choosing a particular tree.

Now you know how to plant a tree. It is very important to do everything right because it will help the tree to live long enough and reach a good harvest.

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