Beautiful pre-wedding photo shoot ideas inspired by these power couple surface online (photos)

Beautiful pre-wedding photo shoot ideas inspired by these power couple surface online (photos)

There are two things that are highly celebrated when it comes to the matters of the heart and they include love and weddings. After meeting and courting a person one intends to spend the rest of one's life with, what follows is planning a wedding.

Before these wedding ceremonies, however, couples like to immortalise every moment before the hook is finally tied and they also wish to depict what they feel for each other in visual forms.

To do this, most couples go for pre-wedding photo shoots. These sessions of facing the camera are not just apart smiling and posing in familiar postures, they are about expressions and doing known or unknown actions to grasp the abstract construct of love that fills their hearts.

Hence, these photos are usually inspired by beautiful themes that mirror the artists and their passions. In light of this, a couple have provided just the right inspiration for a perfect pre-wedding photo shoot.

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This couple who married during the course of the year (at about the time the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle happened) engaged in several photo sessions that produced beautiful pictures worthy of imitation.

In a countryside themed pre-wedding photo shoot, the husband became the typical man who wore a suspender belt and read the newspaper.

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The woman is his Belle, and together, this power couple who, based on the merging of their names, are called Ibitola enacted a magical love story.

It can be said that these photo shoots are very inspiring and can indeed be recreated in very new and dynamic ways. See more photos of them below:

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