Businessman Collen Mashawana builds 67-year-old blind old woman her dream house (photos)

Businessman Collen Mashawana builds 67-year-old blind old woman her dream house (photos)

A South African businessman named Collen Mashawana opened his heart and wallet for a 67-year-old lady who lost her eyesight. He did this by building a house for the blind woman.

The chairman of a business enterprise named Afribiz took to social media to share how he built her a new house after the government failed her for so many years.

According to the Daily Sun, the old woman who has been identified as Florah Munyai applied to Reconstruction and Development Programme (RDP) for the rebuilding of her house in 1994, but she never received any response. This has caused her to live in a deteriorating mud house for so many years.

To make matters worse, Munyai lost her eyesight in 2012 and her son was forced to drop out of school in order to look after her.

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Things started looking up when Mashawana caught wind of Munyai's story and decided he was going to help her. learned he first visited her two years ago. During the visit, Mashawana asked the old lady if he could build her dream home for her. Mashawana stood by his promise and on Saturday they handed her the keys to her dream home.

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Taking to social media, the generous businessman shared before and after photos: "He captioned the post, "67 years old Mama Florah Masakona Munyai has lived in a mud house in Nzhelele since 1988. She unfortunately lost her eye sight in 2004 and has since survived through government grants. We visited her in August and today she received a new home. #afribizhouseappeal #afribizinvest."

Congratulations to the lucky South African old woman who has acquired a beautiful house due to the intervention of a generous businessman.

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