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Local broom spotted selling for N27,000 online

Local broom spotted selling for N27,000 online

Some household items are very necessary and their importance cannot be over emphasised. However, due to the price of some articles, potential buyers become discouraged and look for cheaper alternatives.

In Nigeria, it is common to use local brooms made from palm fronds to sweep the environment and they are very cheap to come by and sell for about N100.

However, has gathered that another locally made broom is selling for a whooping amount on international retail site, ebay.

A broom was spotted on ebay selling for $75.00, which is approximately N27,000.

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Local broom spotted selling for N27,295 online

Broom selling for N27,000 Photo source: ebay

The site described the broom to be quite durable and also very good for cleaning cobwebs.

The description reads: “Going green and you want authentic locally made broom from West Africa (Part of the culture here in local homes)

“Have the feeling of cleaning your home like Africans have been doing for centuries upon centuries. Also good at handling cobwebs.

Wonder why people of early ages live long? Well, because while they work and clean their homes, the work-out unknowingly or knowingly.”

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Local broom spotted selling for N27,295 online

Description of broom selling for N27,000. Photo source: ebay

Apparently, this is not the first time a local broom is selling for a ridiculous amount. earlier reported that a broom was also selling on ebay for about N13,000.

However, the broom was described as a vintage item that belonged to an African woman who used it to sweep her hut for over 10 years before she moved abroad.

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