Tottenham boss Pochettino urges his players to tell their kids about facing Messi

Tottenham boss Pochettino urges his players to tell their kids about facing Messi

- As Champions League back again Barcelona will host Spurs at Wednesday, October 3

- Pochettino says he is not going even try to find a solution about playing against Messi

- He just wants his team to perform in such a way, that players would tell their kids about this game after some time

While Spurs sensationally lost the first game of the new UCL season in Milan, Tottenham must take some points in Round 2. Of course, that won’t be easy considering they next rival is Barcelona, with worlds one of the strongest players Lionel Messi in a squad.

Moreover, Messi already made a hat-trick in his first Champions League game with PSV. And despite that fact Pochettino is sure it makes no sense looking for a way to stop him.

‘I am going to say to the players, 'Enjoy playing against Messi, because you are going to have the opportunity to play against one of the best players in the history of football', Spurs manager said.

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Poch also added that it needs to excite you to play against the strongest aces in the world.

'This is the type of player that you are going to remember. For your ego, it's a thing that you are going to tell your kids and grandkids. Sometimes, my kids say to me, 'Ah, you played with Maradona, you played with this or you played with that'. And they are so proud.'

Barcelona comes to Wembley right after three-match winless run. Seems like it’s not best conditions of Valverde’s team, but nevertheless Messi still in a great form with his 8 goals and 5 assists in 9 matches.

Earlier, had reported that Harry Kane is among 5 players that definitely need to leave their current clubs if they want to win the Champions League cup.

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