Top poems on teacher

Top poems on teacher

5 October is Teachers' day in Nigeria. Are you or your child ready for it? If no, we’re here to help you! Here are sweet poems for teachers you can present to your teacher or your children's teacher! Choose the best one for you and learn it.

poems on teacher

But do not forget, they are not just teachers’ day poems. Each of them is a simple poem on teacher which shows love, gratitude and more. So be sure to know at least one of them.

Special teacher poems

A Teacher Is..

Someone who is wise...

Who cares about the students and wears no disguise.

But is honest and open and shares from the heart.

Not just lessons from books, but life where you are.

A teacher takes time to help and tutor.

With english or math or on a computer.

It's (Teacher' name) who's patient, even in stress.

Who never gives less than the very best!

Not that I was the perfect student,

But you were the perfect teacher for me!

- Author Unknown

You Are My Teacher

I am happy that you are my teacher;

I enjoy each lesson you teach.

As my role model you inspire me

To dream to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;

Every day you are planting a seed

Of curiosity and motivation

To know and to grow and succeed

you help me fulfill my potential;

I am thankful for all that you have done.

I admire you each day, and I just want to say,

As a teacher, you are number one!

Happy Teachers Day

- Author Unknown

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Why I went to the foot?

Was ever a maiden so worried?

I'll admit I am partial to Jim,

For Jimmie has promised to wed me

When I'm old enough to wed him.

But then I love teacher, too, dearly,

She's always so lovely to me,

And she's pretty and kind and sweet-tempered,

And gentle as gentle can be.

I wouldn't for worlds hurt Jim's feelings,

For he never would like me again-

But there was my dearest, sweet teacher,

And I'd die if my words gave her pain.

"Two plus two equals what?" was the problem.

And I knew teacher thought it made "four";

But Jimmie said "six," and maintained it

As long as he stood on the floor.

And I saw I must soon choose between them,

For I was the next in the line.

Should I side with my teacher or Jimmie?

What a sad situation was mine!

And just as my heart with that problem

Of friendship was so sorely vexed

I was called on to answer the other,

For teacher had said, sharply, "Next!"

It was then that the brilliant thought struck me,

That by compromise I could contrive

To hurt neither teacher nor Jimmie,

And that's how I came to say "five."

- Ellis Parker Butler

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Things our grown-up mind defies

Appear as giants in children's eyes.

A gentle touch upon her head

A simple word when kindly said.

Complete attention when she calls.

Her knowing you have given all.

Correcting in a loving way.

Instilling trust in what you say.

Making her believe unique

The tiny flaw upon her cheek.

Admiring old and faded dresses.

Reminding her we all make messes.

Words of comfort you've softly spoken

A promise you've made she knows won't be broken.

Your knowing her doll that was lost today

Is just as important as bills you can't pay.

Helping make her plans and schemes

Giving her hope and building her dreams.

All of this and so much more

Is in her mind forever stored.

They who touch her life awhile

Can either make or break that child.

Education is important, true,

But so much more, her faith in you.

You've weathered through the storm and strife;

You helped to build a small girl's life.

You're truly one to be admired.

For you gave more than was required.

- Pat McClain

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Wonderful Teacher

With a special gift for learning

And with a heart that deeply cares,

You add a lot of love

To everything you share,

And even though

You mean a lot,

You'll never know how much,

For you helped

To change the world

Through every life you touched.

You sparked the creativity

In the students whom you taught,

And helped them strive for goals

That could not be bought,

You are such a special teacher

That no words can truly tell

However much you're valued

- Author Unknown

You are my special teacher

I just want you to know

I always had fun in your class

How the time has flown!

Thank you for helping me

To learn all that I know

I will always remember you

even when I'm grown!

I'll miss you being my teacher

I know the reason why

I am feeling very sad

Because it's time to say goodbye

- Author Unknown

Make a wish and give it wings

Dreams of bright and beautiful things

Dance through all the fun filled hours

Don't forget to smell the flowers

Share some love and birthday cake

All life joys are yours to take

And when evening comes to view

Thanks your lucky stars you're you

Happy Birthday

- Author Unknown

A brand new day is dawning

And as it gets its start,

I want you know I am thinking

Of you with warmth in my heart.

I hope your birthday is special

No one deserves it more than you!

You are such a kindhearted person,

It shows in everything that you do.

So, have a perfect morning

And an even lovelier day...

May happiness surround you

Always... not just for today!

- Author Unknown

Why God Made Teachers

When God created teachers,

He gave us special friends

To help us understand His world

And truly comprehend

The beauty and the wonder

Of everything we see,

And become a better person

With each discovery.

When God created teachers,

He gave us special guides

To show us ways in which to grow

So we can all decide

How to live and how to do

What's right instead of wrong,

To lead us so that we can lead

And learn how to be strong.

Why God created teachers,

In His wisdom and His grace,

Was to help us learn to make our world

A better, wiser place.

- Kevin William Huff

So did you like any our poem on a teacher? If you have your own beautiful one, share it in comments with us using a note ‘my teacher poem’. We would love to read it!

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