Nigeria @ 58: Yul Edochie reveals reason why he cannot wish fellow Nigerians Happy Independence Day

Nigeria @ 58: Yul Edochie reveals reason why he cannot wish fellow Nigerians Happy Independence Day has been giving several reports about how many Nigerian celebrities are celebrating Nigeria's big day. Well, there is one celebrity who has shown little or no enthusiasm about October 1 and its significance to Nigerians. This person is Yul Edochie.

Yul Edochie is a Nollywood actor whose fame has gone beyond him. The son of veteran filmmaker Peter Edochie is also popular for the recent roles he has played in Nigeria's politics.

After failing to win the Anambra governorship election in which he contested, Yul expressed his interesting in partaking in the presidential race during the upcoming 2019 electoral exercises. However, he has since announced that he is no longer going to run for presidency in 2019.

He is currently the special adviser on Creative and Entertainment Media to the present governor of Anambra state Wille Obiano. Despite being an active player in the political affairs of the country Nigeria, Yul has come out to say that he cannot wish the country a happy 58th birthday.

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For the Nollywood actor turned politician, there was particularly nothing to celebrate with regards to October 1 and the Independence Day celebration that follows on this day.

Again, Yul maintained that Nigeria is in a big mess and thus there was no reason to wish anybody a Happy Independence Day. The actor released a statement, in this regard, on his Twitter page.

"Can't wish anybody a Happy Independence day, there's nothing to be happy about. Nigeria is in a mess."

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After listing out the problems that he thinks are the bane of the nation, Yul called on the government of Nigeria to listen to its citizens and hear their weary cries as the power those in high positions have is meant to be used to make the people happy.

Many fans agreed and disagreed with the actor on this note. However, some asked him to wish them a Happy Independence Day not with regards to the country but because they were alive to see another year.

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