Auchi Polytechnic lecturer flees after brutalising female students

Auchi Polytechnic lecturer flees after brutalising female students

A lecturer in a higher institution and not a secondary school inflicted injuries on students as a means of punishing students who were not sitting as a practical commenced in the class he was in.

A lecturer at the Department of science laboratory and technology (SLT) of the School of Evening Studies, Auchi Polytechnic, Edo state, went berserk as he allegedly inflicted several degrees of injuries on some students of the institution.

According to some students, the said lecture ran away after seeing the havoc he had done. gathered that the incident happened during lectures around 4pm, on Saturday, September 29, when the said Ecology lecturer was said to have come in the company of his fellow Genetic lecturer so as to assist in the latter during Genetics practical.

According to one of the students who witnessed the incident named as Blessing, she claimed that: “He gave an order for the students that were not seated to wait outside while the practical was on. He then slammed the door against one Mrs Dele Miracle, a pregnant woman. He repeated the same action against another female student, who was injured and left bleeding.”

When the students could no longer tolerate his actions, they took the laws into their hands and a violent reaction ensued. The lecturer was allegedly mobbed and beaten by angry students until he flee for his life.

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