Actress Stella Clifford calls out married movie director who wants to sleep with her

Actress Stella Clifford calls out married movie director who wants to sleep with her

There have been several cases of how movie directors or producers would want to take advantage of upcoming actresses before being given a role. Some of these ladies go ahead without thinking twice while others hold back their pride.

This is said to be one of the easiest ways some of these actors get to feature in countless movies, as the act gradually pave ways for them to the top.

However, a rising actress identified as Stella Clifford has taken to her Instagram account to call out a movie director Lake Asmah. She claimed that the married man wanted to sleep with her and when she refused, he threatened her.

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Clifford made several screenshots of her conversation with the movie director and the caption: “I will make sure the whole world knows the kind of person you are, you are not good to work with. I am still waiting for your threat, go fulfill it, because you will never go scot free director Lake Asmah.

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Going through their chat, the director said: “See you tomorrow morning, very early if you like don’t come early. I want to see you by 8. Don’t give me excuses, if you don’t come by that time then don’t come at all. Don’t forget to bring your book when coming. Read the little you have on the book so I ask you questions when you come. Be ready to sleep over if we don’t finish on time. So get ready for me tomorrow in every way. I don’t stay in Japka, only coming there so we can spend time alone. Every other person traveled so we would be in the house alone.

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At this point the confused lady asked hope s*x is not involved and the director was quick to reply her saying: “What do you think it is, if you can’t then don’t even come. It’s simple. earlier reported that Yoruba actress Ronke Oshodi-Oke has taken to her Instagram handle to advice young ladies who are forced to sleep with their employers before being offered a job. She advised them never to let men take advantage of them rather, they should hustle well enough to earn a living.

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