Reactions as Nigerian lady says yes to a man she met 3 weeks earlier

Reactions as Nigerian lady says yes to a man she met 3 weeks earlier

Love is a strange thing. Sometimes, people are in relationships for donkey years without it leading to the aisle, while people who date for a short period decide that marriage is the next step for them and they take the bull by the horns. It is obvious that there is no formula for falling in love.

Such is the case of a lady and a man who got engaged three weeks after their initial meeting.

A Twitter user, identified as Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo (@GbengaWemimo), took to the micro blogging site to share details on how it happened.

Gbenga revealed that the couple are a close friend of his which is why he is privy to the details of how they met.

He explained that the man in the story went to a restaurant to eat and decided to pay with his ATM card after the meal because he had no cash on him.

However, things started to look bad after his card was declined and he was unable to pay. He explained to the cashier that he had to get back to work and he could come back to pay later. The cashier of course declined and a lady who was also eating in the restaurant came to his rescue by paying for his meal.

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They exchanged contacts, linked up, and of course the rest is history. They now have three kids together.

See his tweets below:

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As expected Nigerians have several reactions to the sweet love story. Some were skeptical that it really happened, while other romantics were touched by the story.

See some reactions below:

No doubt, this is an interesting story and it would serve as an encouragement for people looking for love. recently shared 10 things some Nigerian men feel ladies should do to have their heart.

Male and female relationship is quite a funny thing. One expects that it should be this easy: “Boy meets girl, fall in love and live happily forever after.”

However, from observations, things haven’t been so easy. It has been discovered that there are several qualifications peculiar to different individuals that their significant other should possess before having a happy relationship.

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