Colombian woman pretends to be pregnant for nine months in bid to convince her husband not to leave

Colombian woman pretends to be pregnant for nine months in bid to convince her husband not to leave

- A 37-year-old woman identified as Antonela Milena Padilla has found herself in the news for apparently faking pregnancy

- In a desperate bid to keep her husband from leaving her, Antonela allegedly told her family she was pregnant

- After nine months, she staged an abduction and claimed thugs cut the baby out of her

- It was discovered in the hospital that she was never pregnant and had no knife cut injuries as she claimed

It's judgement day for 37-year-old Colombian woman identified as Antonela Milena Padilla who apparently used desperate measures just in a bid to stop her husband from leaving her. According to reports, Milena faked pregnancy for nine months just to discourage her husband from abandoning her.

Interestingly, her plan worked out and for nine months, her husband and his family believed she was pregnant. Reports reveal that the 37-year-old used cushion to appear pregnant and used rags to increase it as the months went by.

On the due date, a fake pregnant Padilla took herself out of the house and informed the family she was heading to the hospital. On the way she called the family and claimed she had been abducted by body organ thugs who cut the baby out of her womb.

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Disturbed by her health condition, when she was found, she was rushed to the hospital where her lies were unscrambled.

The doctors who were concerned she will be bleeding out or worse infected, giving that she said she had been cut open by thugs found no injury on her body. Further tests revealed she was never pregnant and had been lying to her family the whole time.

Antonela Milena Padilla

37-year-old Antonela Milena Padilla was discovered to have been faking her pregnancy in the hospital Source: Daily Mail
Source: UGC

Surprisingly, despite being caught in a lie, she still claimed she had been pregnant. Ms Padilla's mother-in-law, who wasn't named, told Colombia's Al Dia newspaper that the woman continued to insist she had been pregnant.

She said: "They did the tests, and she still tried to convince them she had been expecting. But the gynaecologist confirmed she had never been pregnant."

Reports revealed she was able to fool the family for so long because her husband never tried to touch her despite the fact that they slept in the same room. Milena also printed an ultrasound off the internet which she showed her family as proof that she was carrying a child.

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Police commander, Mariano Cotero Coy, who revealed that an investigation had been launched, stated that she could be charged for wasting public resources, as many people are at the hospital seeking serious treatment.

Ms Padilla reportedly fled the hospital at 3am on September 23, two hours after blood tests confirmed she had not been pregnant, and her whereabouts are still unknown.

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