8 interesting tips on how to live to 100 years

8 interesting tips on how to live to 100 years

While many reports and even several elderly people would attribute their long life to eating healthy and exercise, these interesting tips shared by some centenarians have proven that there is more to the secret of long life than the conventional.

According to UN, living to be older than 100 years which used to be rare, is becoming more common as reports predicts that there will be 3.2 million centenarians worldwide by 2050 which would be a clear increased the 316,600 in 2012.

A US senior citizens' advice website recently did some research and dug out old interviews with the world's oldest people, sharing their secrets to long life and it is pretty interesting.

From smoking several cigarettes, drinking whiskey and eating chocolates everyday to kicking ones husband out and eating raw eggs, the list of unhealthy and unconventional tips are not only hilarious and mind boggling at the same time.

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Here are 10 tips shared by these centenarians, some of whom have since passed on:

X hilarious secrets to long life from the world's oldest people for surviving a century

Emma Morano

1. Jeanne Calment, who died in 1997 aged 122, was the oldest women ever and credited her staggeringly long life to olive oil, chocolate, cigarettes and wine.

2. Mr Overton, a World War II veteran who is thought to be the oldest living man in the US, says ice cream also helped increase his lifespan, alongside the cigars and bourbon. Ordinarily, ice creams are part of the food older people stay away from to avoid diabetes and other health complications. Apparently it kept him hale and hearty.

3. Jeralean Talley, from Michigan, lived to 115 thanks to 'eating plenty of pigs' feet'. Who would have thought the secret to long life lied in the feet of one of the most filthiest animals on planet earth.

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X hilarious secrets to long life from the world's oldest people for surviving a century

Richard Overton

4. Emma Morano, an Italian woman who lived to 117 before dying last year, said she owed her long life to kicking her husband out and never marrying again. She wouldn't be the first woman saying this. Recall a while back, Legit.ng reported the news of how a scottish 112-year woman identified as Jessie Gallan, stated that her secret to long life is staying away from men.

5. Vincenzo Baratta, an Italian who lived to 103, said eating once a day and 'lots of women' were his secrets. Although, it has been reported that 'bedroom acrobats' is considered a form of exercise but with older people, it tends to be an extreme sport that could kill them. For Vincenzo, it seemed to work pretty well in his favour.

6. For Marian Cannon Schlesinge from Massachusetts, it seems to be a pretty straight forward patter. She takes coffee in the morning and liquor in the evening.

X hilarious secrets to long life from the world's oldest people for surviving a century

Jeanne Calment

There were also those who believed their healthy lifestyle got them this far.

7. Charlotte Henderson from Texas, US revealed that practicing moderation, eating and sleeping well, not overdrinking or overeating, exercising regularly worked for her.

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8. 108- year old Duranord Veillard from New York attributes his long life to 5-7 pushups a day, drinking tea, eating oatmeal, fish and vegetables.

With conflicting tips on how to live a long life, some of the tips for ageing gracefully were pretty predictable; watch what you eat, stay active and maintain relationships.


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