Computer science student stuns internet with her spontaneous graduation dance

Computer science student stuns internet with her spontaneous graduation dance

A 23-year-old lady has the internet joyous over her spontaneous graduation dance.

After spending years studying and paying over N10 million for a university degree, she decided to celebrate with a dance at a very crucial time.

The internet has been buzzing over the courage of 23-year-old Eteroa Lafaele, who hails from Auckland, New Zealand, after she decided to show off her dance moves on her graduation day.

Eteroa like most graduates, dressed up in her ceremonial gown and made her way to the stage to accept her bachelors degree in computer science. An occasion that is usually formal turned into a dance edition when young Lafaele mounted the stage and decided to show the entire school who is boss.

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Taking a lot of people by surprise she burst a sharp dance move and people cheered her on. To finish her odd but exciting method of receiving her degree, she went on to strut like a model as she collected the piece of paper that sealed the deal that she's in fact a graduate of computer science.

The video immediately went viral with everyone agreeing that she deserves to be the happiest person and express just how joyous she was about reaping the fruit of her hard work.

Lafaele also made her parents proud and the thought of her excelling in school is why they invested over N10 million in the said education.

Thousands on social media have taken her spontaneous dance as a challenge and many people are now thinking everyone deserves to burst a move freely, especially when they succeed after putting in a lot of work.

Congratulations to the new graduate.

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