I was born a boy - Statement of beautiful 17-year-old South African teen shocks the internet

I was born a boy - Statement of beautiful 17-year-old South African teen shocks the internet

- A teenager stunned the internet after she revealed she was born a boy

- 17-year-old Sabrina Nkosi shared her transition story on social media, hoping to inspire others

- Caitlyn Jenner was Sabrina's role model and now she is an example to others too

Nkosi, who hails from KwaZulu-Natal, only realised it was possible for her to transition from a man to a woman after Bruce Jenner's journey to becoming Caitlyn.

Sabrina Nkosi makes the men drool and the ladies jealous, but her social media platforms gathered attention for something other than her looks the past couple of days.

That's because the beautiful KwaZulu-Natal teen revealed she was born a boy. Although she did not give details about her previous name or family, the stunning teenager revealed she now feels comfortable after transitioning into the body she was supposed to be born with.

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According to a report by the Daily Sun, Nkosi always knew she was meant to be a girl and from a very young age people thought she was gay because she was not built like a boy nor did she have interest in boy things.

Nkosi said she would leave her home dressed as a boy but as soon as she arrived at her female friends' houses she would borrow their clothes.

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However, her dream of being a woman was only realised after she witnessed the famous transgender transformation of Caitlyn Jenner.

“I had never seen anyone transform from a man to a woman but after I saw that Caitlyn did it, I knew it was possible and I wanted to do it too," she said.

Legit.ng learned the beautiful teen, who was raised by a single mother, found it difficult to break the news to her mom.

According to Nkosi, her mom had a tough time accepting it at first but she eventually came around and has since been supportive every step of the way.

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Nkosi started to take female hormones to kick off her transformation and has since admitted she feels comfortable in her body.

She also revealed she gets criticism from some, but she's not fazed by the haters: "Now I am a woman and I feel comfortable in my body. Some people are still criticising me but that’s OK."

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