Young man recounts his encounter with his mum’s killers in court

Young man recounts his encounter with his mum’s killers in court

In 2011, the mother to a young man was brutally killed by her driver who hid her dead body away in the deep freezer. It's 2018 and the said gentleman has to face his mum's killers in court. On its own, this is a tough nut to chew and the suspects accused of the murder only made the situation worse.

Identified as King Sal on Instagram, the man has shared a touching experience of having to face his mum's murderers in court. According to him, his mom was killed way back in 2011 by her driver and his brother.

These men had allegedly hid the woman away from the world in a deep freezer until whenher body was discovered. The case of these killers had been pending until this year when it was brought before the court.

Although King Sal claimed that he and his sister had wholeheartedly forgiven the alleged murderers, it would be an overstatement to say they were going to be fine while going through the ordeal of meeting these men who were reminders of a not-so-pleasing past.

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Amidst fighting the emotion that came with the unavoidable contact, King Sal was approached by the suspects before the court proceedings began! These alleged killers wanted the son of the woman they murdered to plead on their behalf so that their punishment can be lessened.

This has become a dicey issue for King Sal who is trying so hard to stay true to the doctrine of forgiveness. His full post captured below states his dilemma as well as his appeal for cogent advice:

"Ok, I was in court today with my sister for my mum’s murder case. Most of you know how my mum was abducted by her driver in 2011 and later killed and kept in her deep freezer where she was later found dead…

So, today in court, the driver and his brother who killed her, excused me to the side to plead with me to plead with the court before judgement which will be months from now, in order for the Judge to give them a lesser sentence. This shit messed up my head, even though these guys had earlier begged and apologised to myself and my sister, and we have wholeheartedly forgiven them, even before the said apology. Myself and my sister have taken a decision on this, but I thought to share this with you, to see what you would do in the circumstance, with someone’s life almost in your hands technically… phewww!!!!"

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There is no telling how many advice the 31-year-old young man received. But from the words of those that took the liberty to pour out their minds with regards to this case, the alleged murderers were deemed unworthy of forgiveness, pardon or clemency. King Sal was advised to let the men face the full wrath of the law because they had hurt him way too much to obtain 'mercy at his feet'.

See some of the comments below:

abdulhak33m: "Wake up from your sleep man! Dust your eyes , look in the mirror and say these words. "O Lord! Save me from the witches that have used leaves to cover my eyes" then when the log of wood falls out your eyes, grant your sister a holy anointing slap, with that, you will know what decision to take. If i hear you forgave them, thunder from nigeria defence academy wont be happy with you ooooh!"

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awwalabdul: "I just had to drop this here. This is beyond you and your lovely mum that was snatched away. This is about the next victim the psycophant will attack. You have forgiven him, pls allow the law take it's full wrath on this guy. You wont be able to forgive yourself if he goes free and kill another person again. You don't make a decision to kill and now try to use emotional blackmail to get away. I am sorry about your mum."

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