2 slay queens fight over borrowed clothes, Nigerians react (video)

2 slay queens fight over borrowed clothes, Nigerians react (video)

The term 'slay queen' is used to refer to a person whose lifestyle revolves around looking good and turning heads. While the women in this category are known to fight over boys and new trends, it has never been said that they fought over what does not belong to them in the first place.

One such event happened in Ikeja, Lagos state. Two women who can be referred to as slay queens judging by the way they dressed took to the streets to fight and tear their hair.

The cause of their quarrel was not exactly clear until another lady who is supposedly a friend to one or both of them brought a bag and spilled its content for everyone yo see.

Inside the bag were pieces of clothes. Evidently, this was the bone of the ladies contention. The fight which happened on Monday, September 23, saw the women removing their wigs and both promising to punish themselves severely.

See the video below:

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Judging from what the reaction of the people in the scene of the fight, the cause of the ladies' quarrel was uncalled for. A man, probably the one filming the event, particularly wrote that they were 'shrine goats'.

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Even more, the video which has gone viral has attracted the stern frowns of many Nigerians. Most people say it was an act of insanity to be seen fighting over such trivial matter in public.

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Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported the case of a slay queen who got transformed from a plus size lady to a curvy woman. According to the lady, her plus sized stature was due to puberty and the fact that she became very beautiful afterwards just showed that she had come of age.

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