Cold water during pregnancy: is it good for a woman?

Cold water during pregnancy: is it good for a woman?

A lot of expecting parents are worried about the effects of cold water during pregnancy. There have been many rumours and myths around this topic, and we are here to address some of the most prominent ones. Find out whether you should drink or submerge yourself in cold water while you are pregnant and what effect it might have on your baby.

Cold water during pregnancy

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Should you be drinking cold water during pregnancy or taking cold baths?

For many generations, there has been a misconception among expecting parents that drinking cold water or even exposing your body to it could be harmful to the baby. But is it actually true?

Well, as it turns out, there has been no scientific proof whatsoever that exposure to cold water during pregnancy, be it via drinking it or submerging yourself in it, is harmful to the mother or the child.

As a matter of fact, pregnant people should be drinking lots of water, and the temperature of it does not really matter. If you like it cold, drink it cold! As for baths, it is advised that expecting parents do not take baths that are too hot, so soaking in lukewarm water can actually be beneficial for both the parent and the baby. That said, they definitely should not be freezing cold, as the body’s weakened immunity system might not be able to handle it well.

To sum it up, the answer to the question we ask in the title of this section is ‘yes’, you should drink cold water and soak in cold baths, as long as it is done in moderation.

Effect of cold water during pregnancy

drinking cold water during pregnancy

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We have scoured the Internet and have not been able to find any information about the negative effects of cold water on pregnancy. That is why we want to address some of the most popular rumours about this topic.

Many people believe that if a pregnant person drinks cold water, the baby has a higher chance of developing pneumonia, asthma, as well as many other respiratory diseases. This belief truly has no basis, as there is no direct connection between the intestines and the uterus, and everything that is passed to the baby goes through the placenta.

Moreover, by the time water gets even close to the baby, it warms up to body temperature, so there is no reason to believe that it might harm the foetus.

Another thing people believe is that drinking cold beverages can make the baby move. While it has been true for some, it is not a guarantee. In addition to that, baby moving is not a bad thing, which is why you should not be afraid to drink cold water.

Cold bath during pregnancy

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Of course, if the water is too cold, you might give yourself stomach pains and nausea, or you might catch a cold, but other than that, there are no effects of cold water on the pregnancy.

As you can see, science, as well as the experience of multiple parents, says that cold water is definitely not harmful to consume or soak in during pregnancy. On the contrary, in many ways it is beneficial to drink cold beverages and take colder than average baths while pregnant, as long as you do not do it too often and the water is not too cold.

If you still have any concerns, we recommend you to ask your doctor. Other than that, we hope that we have been able to alleviate at least some of your fears.

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