Nitrogen uses in everyday life

Nitrogen uses in everyday life

What uses of nitrogen do we know? Nitrogen is a gas that is slightly soluble in water, without taste, odor and color. Despite the fact that the name of the element means 'lifeless', it is necessary for life. The use of nitrogen in free form is widespread in many industries. Nitrogen liquid and gaseous is obtained from atmospheric air by a method of low-temperature rectification.

Nitrogen uses in everyday life

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Nitrogen uses in metallurgy and glass industry

  • used to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metals during heat treatment
  • with cryo-hardening of metals
  • for vacuum degassing of melts
  • as an inert medium during the continuous casting process of steel
  • nitrogen is used as an inert medium in various mines
  • to stabilize the structure of the metal during the casting process
  • matrix and metal cooling after heat treatment
  • in technologies of powder metallurgy (cooling)
  • cooling of electrodes of an arc furnace in the production of glass
  • to protect against oxidation during production, reduce air temperature.

Importance of nitrogen in the chemical and petrochemical industry

  • it is a safe working agent in the gas lift mode of oil recovery and at the start of wells
  • during emergency repairs of operating oil pipelines (freezing of the damaged site) - the creation of cryo platforms in the open sea or on weak soils (for oil and gas production, for the construction of the metro)
  • for extinguishing fires at wells and mines
  • as an inert medium in the production of flammable and oxidizable substances
  • blowing of pipelines and equipment
  • chemical synthesis at low temperatures to produce high-quality polymers
  • nitrogen is used for cleaning from explosive mixtures of regenerative catalysts and cleaners
  • in the production of ethylene, polyethylene, propylene, etc.
  • for tire vulcanization
  • in technological processes of production of rubber and plastic products
  • for storage and transportation of flammable liquids

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Nitrogen in everyday life

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What is nitrogen used for in ecology?

  • it is used in the process of recycling of secondary resources (rubber, plastic, tires)

Application of nitrogen in power engineering and electronics industry

  1. cooling of diffusers of vacuum pumps, masers, lasers
  2. cooling of the outer contours of the vessels when storing liquid hydrogen and helium
  3. in the manufacture of semiconductor devices
  4. to remove insulation from wires and cables
  5. for emergency cooling of NPP units
  6. displacement of hydrogen in electric generators
  7. inert medium in reactors of thermal power plants
  8. to create low-temperature superconductivity
  9. for soldering electronic circuits

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Nitrogen use

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Application of nitrogen in agriculture and food industry

  • preserving medium when storing grain and feed
  • at artificial insemination stations
  • for rapid freezing of the glands of animals' internal secretion when obtaining insulin, adrenaline, pepsin, etc.
  • freezing food for long-term storage and transportation
  • nitrogen, as a cryogen in refrigerated transport
  • nitrogen is used to purge the ventilation and cooling systems of food industries
  • as the basis of gas mixtures for packaging in a modified atmosphere
  • to prevent the oxidation of products containing unsaturated fatty acids (oil, chips, nuts, margarine)

Nitrogen is a gas without a smell, taste and color. Thus, a person does not feel the presence of nitrogen in the earth's atmosphere, whereas it consists of this substance by 78 percent. Nitrogen is one of the most common substances on our planet. Often you can hear that without nitrogen there would be no life on Earth, and it's true. After all, protein compounds, of which all living things are composed, necessarily contain nitrogen.

Nitrogen is not only one of the most common chemical elements, but also a very necessary component used in many branches of human activity.

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