Young Ghanaian midwife delivers pregnant woman of her baby on a moving bus

Young Ghanaian midwife delivers pregnant woman of her baby on a moving bus

A young midwife has become an internet sensation after she helped a woman in labour deliver her baby safely while on board a commercial bus on Sunday, September 23.

The midwife, gathers, was a passenger on a Bolgatanga bound bus. Midway through their journey, a co-passenger who was pregnant went into labour.

The midwife sprang into action and with the help of two other nurses on board, the baby was safely delivered at about 3:34am after the driver stopped the moving bus somewhere along the Buipe road.

After the delivery, the newly-born baby and her mother were reportedly handed over to the husband who is said to have taken them to the West Hospital in Tamale for further care.

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Young Ghanaian midwife delivers pregnant woman of her baby on a moving bus (Photos)

Sophia Safia Sulemana

According to a social media user, Mawunyo Bubutor, who shared the story on Facebook, the beautiful midwife is Sophia Safia Sulemana of the Kunkwa Health Centre in the Maprugu District of the Northern Region.

Posting photos of Sophia and the baby, Mawunyo said: "Nursing is said to be a science, skills and an art. At 3:34am of 23rd September, 2018. Whilst travelling to Bolgatanga, a lady was in labour on the bus whilst the bus was still moving. It took the intervention of this spectacular angel and who is a practicing midwife on board to deliver this woman in the bus. The driver has to stop for the midwife and two other female nurses to help deliver this woman on the Buipe Road. I just wanna celebrate staff Midwife by name Sophia safia sulemana of Kunkwa health centre in the Mamprugu moaduri district of the Northern Region. The child and the mother was later handled over to the husband who took the wife to West Hospital in the tamale metropolis.God bless you. Please let us share this good story."

Sophia's extraordinary sense of duty has not gone unnoticed as many Ghanaians have been showering praises and blessing her.

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Adisa who noticed Sophia's beauty asked for God's blessings for her:

Remie also blessed her:

Ahenkan shared a similar post:

Vida was impressed that Sophia went the extra mile:

Winnie asked for God's strength to save more lives:

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In the video, it could be seen that many church members were taking turns to give their offering but after some time, the head pastor announced that God had told him to give away the offerings to one member.

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