How to make lemon oil for skin lightening

How to make lemon oil for skin lightening

Many of us have heard about a fantastic effect of natural skin lightening oil. Which oil can you create at your home to improve your skin color? We would like to share some secrets with you on how to make lemon oil for skin lightening, and you can test its effect right away.

How to make lemon oil for skin lightening

Skin lightening oil

There are many different types of oil that can be used for achieving an awesome skin lightening effect. Some people love to make such oil from carrot seeds, lavender or sandalwood. Others can prepare a wonderful product for better skin tone from geranium, turmeric or olives.

We know how to make lemon oil for skin whitening effect, and this natural skin care product can be prepared by you right from the comfort of your home. It is easy, affordable and offers numerous advantages to both women and men.

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Lemon oil for skin lightening

how to make lemon oil for skin whitening

All the products needed for the homemade oil are affordable and can be obtained at the nearest shop or marketplace.

Here is what you need:

  • Peeler for fruits
  • Lemons – 3-5 pieces
  • Any device used for pressing
  • Strainer (sieve)
  • Olive oil (or coconut oil) - a little bit
  • Bowl, bottle with a wide neck or another case (box) where you will keep your lemon oil

Follow this instruction on how to make lemon oil for skin lightening:

  • Step 1. Take each lemon and wash it with water. It is better to use warm or even hot water. If you see any dirt on the fruit skin, gently scrub it off.
Fresh lemons
  • Step 2. It is necessary to peel each lemon. If you have a special peeler you will quickly complete this step. If you don’t, just use a knife and remove the yellow skin, or take a grater to scrape the skin. Sometimes it is easier to put your lemons into a very cold place (it is better to use your refrigerator’s freezer or ask your friends to help if you have no freezer at home). When frozen, your fruit will be much quicker to grate.

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Get lemon skin for making oil
  • Step 3. You will be using the lemon skin, so cut it into pieces or use grated pieces to fit inside the garlic press or another pressing gadget you have in your kitchen. Keep pressing over a bowl to squish some liquid from the fruit skin. It can take some time, so stay patient and enjoy the results even if you see only a moderate amount.
  • Step 4. Don’t throw away all the skins you have pressed. Take a mesh sieve and continue working with them to receive even more liquid.

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Lemon oil for skin
  • Step 5. Store the liquid you have obtained in a clean container (a small bottle or another dish). Leave it like this for a couple of weeks, but for a better effect, you can add some olive oil inside this bottle as well.
  • Step 6. Keep an eye on the changes that take place inside the container. The natural lemon oil will slowly separate from the olive oil. It is great if you can shake the container once in a while.
  • Step 7. Sometimes you have to wait for 2-4 weeks for an effect to occur.
  • Step 8. Now get a new clean container and place the mixed oils into it through a siever.
  • Step 9. Your oil is ready to use. Apply it to your skin to achieve an even color effect, add a couple of drops into your shampoo, into face wash product, etc. Place this new container with lemon oil into a dry dark place after using. It can be stored like this for up to half a year.

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P.S. Squishing lemon skin to extract oil does not bring too much oil for you. There should be enough for personal care for a while and you will have to repeat the same procedure once in a while to get a more natural product for yourself.

Steps how to get fresh lemon oil for skin lightening

Some people prefer getting lemon oil in big quantities and in such a case, you can think of getting a special oil extractor, which can be expensive and might not work for everyone in Nigeria, or you can add more olive or coconut oil into your lemon skin oil and combine oils this way.

Lemon is an interesting fruit with multiple benefits. It is can be added into tea, salads, different meals and it can be turned into lemon oil used as a natural skin lightening home remedy. You can improve your hair, the tone of your skin, nails, treat acne, and everything can be done with the same product – extract of lemon oil.

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