Anyone who says I don’t watch Nollywood movies is hating because I’m successful - Kunle Afolayan

Anyone who says I don’t watch Nollywood movies is hating because I’m successful - Kunle Afolayan

- Earlier on, Nigerian film maker, Kunle Afolayan, revealed in an interview that he hardly watches Nollywood movies as they don't challenge him

- The remarks caused major backlash on social media as a lot of people were not pleased

- Well, the film maker has finally reacted, shedding more light on what he meant

Earlier on, reported the news of how prolific film maker, Kunle Afolayan received backlash on social media after he was quoted in an interview saying he doesn't watch Nollywood produced movies and would rather go for movies that challenge him.

Well, the film maker has finally reacted to the backlash. Sharing a video on his Instagram page, he explained what he actually meant and revealed he was only being criticize because of his success. He stated that he was quoted out of context and was only referring to badly subtitled movies.

He wrote: "What is good for My kids is certainly good for me! My attention has been drawn to a report alleging that I claimed I do not watch Nollywood films.I urge all my fans to kindly disregard this statement which, obviously, was tweaked by a mischief maker to score cheap and sensational point, and cause disaffection between myself and and publics.

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While the report may tend to achieve its aim in some quarters, discerning minds would understand that it lacks credibility. Otherwise, how can the I say I do not watch Nollywood films yet allows my kids to watch same.

“It is obvious I was quoted out of context while answering to a question on bad film subtitles and not about Nollywood films as a genre. My take is that not every fan of a Nollywood movie care about good or bad subtitling, while makers of the films that are so referred not only have their followers, they have made fortunes from their productions. And as long as everyone is happy with what they do, it is pointless making unnecessary comparison.

I am a grassroot person and avid promoter of the Nigerian brand. This can only explain, as quoted, why I allow my children to watch Nollywood films which have helped their educational development and cultural understanding. While my statement is not a sweeping one about Nollywood, the inference was about films that challenge my creative endeavour. This is not out of place for anyone who aspires for greatness in any field of their endeavour.

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I therefore urge my fans to disregard this, and any sensational publications that may tend to bring disaffection among practitioners who thrive to take Nollywood to greater height. Again I say “My children watch Nollywood movies and they don’t speak bad English. How else can one say well of a genre of films?”

Meanwhile, Nollywood actor Emmanuel Ehumadu has taken to social media to call out African Magic for what he believes is biased treatments towards certain Nollywood productions. According to the actor, the company should also create a channel mainly for action Nollywood movies.

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