Babachir Lawal speaks for the first time after being removed as SGF

Babachir Lawal speaks for the first time after being removed as SGF

- Babachir David Lawal has said he has forgiven those who conspired against him

- The former SGF claimed allegations against him were false

- He said former vice president Atiku could not win the 2019 election

The former secretary to the government of the federation, Babachir David Lawal, has spoken for the first time after his removal, claiming people close to him and benefitted from his goodwill were responsible for his downfall.

The Nation reports that Lawal spoke in Abuja saying he did not try to defend himself against the allegations rained on him because his enemies were bent on seeing him removed.

He said if President Muhammadu Buhari’s acceptance of his suggestions makes him a member of a cabal, he was glad to be associated with it.

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He said: “Let me tell you, nothing happened to me. It was just a fabrication and I know it. That is why it didn’t bother me right from the beginning. That is why people don’t like me because I am self-confident.

“It didn’t bother me. Did I defend myself that time and I am not doing it because I know they were fabricated because they wanted the SGF position. I am still doing fine. If you want to make heaven as a Christian, never carry any grudge. Forgiveness is principle number one and I want to make heaven.

“Before I came into government, I was a very successful businessman, a world renowned IT consultant. I abandoned that and came into government and was earning N930, 000 every month. Now, I have been sacked.

“Before then, I had a farm, 1000 hectares of farm land which I could not pay attention to because I was doing government job. Now, I have gone back to my farm and deactivated it completely and I now have 4000 hectare under cultivation.

“Last year, I earned close to half a billion Naira from my farm. I have a cattle ranch that I am developing gradually and I am back to IT consultancy. I will say life is good. Was I like this before? Everybody that sees me now tells me, you are looking good.

“I did expect Nigerians to stand behind me. You know that I am a Pastor; people always forget that I am a pastor. The Bible says that God works in all things for the good of those who trust him. There is something that has happened to me which, if I had not gone through this experience, I would not have known.

“There are people that I have helped that are determined to say that I should not see the light of day. All along, they were carrying my children to school, but scheming that I die. I would not have known that.

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“I would not have known that people I was paying school fees for their children and feeding them were actually people who were envious of me. I would not have known that. I wouldn’t have known. That as a human being, you have no co two, over your destiny. God does it and I believe that the way the Bible puts it, everything that happen to you is for your own good.”

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress (APC) stakeholders in Adamawa rejected the indirect primaries planned by the state government ahead of the primary elections.

The stakeholders led by Babachir Lawal also complained about marginalisation and hijacking of the state congresses by the Adamawa government. They made the allegations at a press briefing held in Yola, the state capital on Saturday, September 15.

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