Falz's Sweet Boys Association receives several frowns from Nigerians on Twitter

Falz's Sweet Boys Association receives several frowns from Nigerians on Twitter

Folarin Falana popularly knowns as Falz recently came up with what is now known as Sweet Boys Association. The group is made up of well suited male celebrities and young men who are accepted based on certain laid down criteria.

The association which started off on a low key with Falz and his bearded gang is now opened up to the general male public with the award-winning musician creating a logo, website and releasing a code of conduct.

With every young male Nigerian aspiring to join the trending association, some Nigerians have taken to expressing their displeasure about the masculine community.

Derogatory names such as male slay queens, low budget gigolos, Yahoo Yahoo men, Sugar boys and Fine Boys have been used to describe this group of men who wear chic suits and eat the finest dishes at their meetings.

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Not surprisingly, most of the unfriendly reactions came from women. Most of the ladies claimed that it was a payback at men who attacked girls that were called slay queens and small girls with big gods.

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Some men, however, were just as vehement in their disregard of the association, saying that they represented a class of jobless men who have turned what used to be known as Yoruba Demons into an official status quo.

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These claims have been refuted by a few of the men who are already 'sweet boys'. They insist that the organisation is a reputable one and should not be slandered in anyway.

One thing most Nigerians agree on, though, about these men is that the anthem which was released by Falz a few days ago is one of the most refreshing song ever produced, as for the first time, men got to praise their good looks and not necessarily the beauty of women.

Falz who terms himself as the president of the association has yet to reply the opposing remarks that have been made by mostly women. Meanwhile, more young celebrities are joining in as sweet boys.

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