Kirk Franklin finally forgives dying father who abandoned him for years (photo)

Kirk Franklin finally forgives dying father who abandoned him for years (photo)

- Popular gospel singer Kirk Franklin finally forgives his father who abandoned him

- This was prompted by the man’s imminent death

- The musician shared an intimate photo of his father and himself on Instagram

Popular American gospel singer Kirk Franklin recently relayed a personal story of how he was finally able to forgive his father. According to him, this father alongside his biological mother gave him up for adoption when he was a child, and for this, he has not brought himself to forgiving them.

Only recently, though, he heard that his father who he never really knew as a child had only three to six months to live and this compelled him to go to Houston to see the man and extend a hand of forgiveness to him.

Kirk who was raised by his Aunt Gertrude took to Instagram to share an intimate picture of him kissing his old man on the head. He also wrote a touching testimony of how he came to forgive his father.

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See the full post here:

"So.....Two days ago, I received an anonymous call that my biological father, who I never knew, has 3-6 months to live. I’ve lived my entire life hating this man. He and my biological mother gave me up for adoption, and it left me never feeling good this very day. I took my hate for him and used it as fuel to be the best father I could be for my own. But what I did wrong, is I never took that fuel, and turn it into forgiveness....and that is wrong. Wrong for him, me, and the God I proclaim to represent. How can I preach what I don’t practice. So I flew to Houston yesterday to do that. It’s painful, it’s a process, but how disappointed I would be in myself for this man to leave this earth without being forgiven. He deserves to receive what God gives me everyday. Pray for him, and for me. God this is hard...I weep as I write."

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Many fans found the singer’s action very inspiring and they expressed their warmth towards him in several comments. A lot more people like ms_vlkj_726, lucindamareel and ala.lette shared their own stories about how they came to forgive the parents who did them wrong.

ms_vlkj_726: "PRAISE GOD; forgiveness is the key. My Father was my heart, he could do not wrong(although he and my mom divorced and he remarried leaving her with 5 girls, but showed us Love) died in 2015. 3 dad's to my children, I had forgiven them before I was able to talk to them before each of them died. The Forgiveness gives me peace of mind to this day, although they are no longer here. There is no hatred or question that plague me like ; what could I? or I would have, could have done or did not do. It is a blessing to be able to see this happen for you. This happened to my daughter and they ended up having 5 wonderful years getting to know and love each other. Thank you for sharing this. You too will now feel PEACE."

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lucindamareel: "Wow. Thank you for sharing this testimony and for being so vulnerable and honest. I’m adopted as well, I’m 31 years old and I’m currently looking for my birth mother... so I can forgive and spread love as well! Thank you for this encouragement today. Praying for all of you through this time! God has a great plan even in this."

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