Vitamin E and fertility issues

Vitamin E and fertility issues

Is it necessary to take extra vitamins if you want to have children? Is there any connection between vitamin E and fertility issues? The state of a body directly depends on nutrition, which regulates daily biorhythms and processes in the formation of the fetus of pregnant women. If you have fertility problems, the re-examination of your diet should help! A healthy body is a key to pregnancy. Keep on reading to find out the effect of vitamin E on fertility.

Food with Tocopherol

The level of fertility and its changes depend on the number of factors: economic, socio-psychological, political, biological, etc. After a number of investigations held by scientists, it turned out that the process of reproduction directly depends on nutrition and the number of vitamins we get. They affect sexual development, the body weight of newborns, the course of pregnancy, the fetus development, lactation, mammary glands and the pathology of genital organs.

All vitamins, like hormones, are highly active compounds that are involved in the work of the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, and the sex glands. In addition to vitamin C and D, the scientists have drawn their attention to vitamin E benefits for women. They found out that this building structure is essential for fertility.

Healthy nutrition is the alpha and omega for a healthy body and optimal fertility as well. Certain vitamins and minerals are the real door opener for couples on the way to pregnancy. With the right vitamin knowledge, it is possible to optimize fertility of both men and women.

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Fertility goes through the stomach

Vitamin supplements can help you get pregnant faster. It is the conclusion of the meta-analysis from China. There were 5 studies, which evaluated the improvement of the couple’s fertility, who have undergone fertility treatments. As a result, a desire to have children depends on both sides of interaction – men and women.

Vitamin E for fertility

Vitamin E (“tocopherol”) is an antioxidant, which protects body tissue from damage caused by substances, which are called “free radicals”. They can cause harm to cells, tissues, and organs. This element is found in the following products:

  • wheat germ oil;
  • egg yolk;
  • whole-wheat products;
  • soya oil;
  • sunflower oil;
  • broccoli;
  • green leafy vegetables;
  • tomatoes;
  • butter;
  • peanuts.
Vitamin E sources

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What are the main functions of vitamin E?

  • Maintains cell membranes. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that protects the membranes of cells and other fat-soluble body parts.
  • Slow aging processes. The right dosage of vitamin E helps to maintain egg quality and improves it by slowing down aging processes.
  • Expands blood vessels. Taking vitamin E provides better blood flow towards the uterus and the body in general.
  • Functions as an anticoagulant. It reduces the level of thrombin and dissolves fresh blood clots and prevents the vascular damage.
  • Takes part in hormone production. The vitamin prevents oxidation and helps to produce adrenal hormones, sex hormones and the pituitary gland (and even relieves menopause symptoms, such as heat waves, mood changes, and vaginal dryness).
  • Helps to balance the menstrual cycle. Vitamin E helps to balance the menstrual cycle and relieves symptoms of PMS (breast congestion, fatigue, stress, and depression).
  • Helps our body cells to breathe.
Vitamin E

Vitamin E for women’s fertility

Vitamin E is considered to be the “vitamin of fertility” because its deficiency can be decisive if you wish to get pregnant. Vitamin E is very important for the proper functioning of both the hormonal and the reproductive systems because it helps to prevent diseases, activates blood circulation, and accelerates healing. If you want to become pregnant, you should know that: women’s lack of vitamin E can cause disturbances in menstrual cycles and increase the risk of miscarriage; the lack of vitamin E of men reduces the mobility of spermatozoa.

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Which other vitamins and micronutrients should you take if you are a woman who wants to get pregnant?

  • Folic acid. It is especially important for the development of a baby during the first weeks of pregnancy. If folic acid is not administered externally during pregnancy, it can lead to malformations.
  • Vitamin D. There seems to be a direct link between the deficiency of vitamin D and different fertility disorders of women. Cold season brings problems connected with lack of vitamin D. That’s why women are highly recommended to take 50 IE per kg of body weight. To know the dosage that will definitely fit you, see a doctor and take a blood test.
  • Omega 3, 6 and CoQ10. To maximize their chances of getting a sufficient supply of Omega 3 and 6, many women rely on dietary supplements based on fish oils. Coenzyme Q10 is a very important component of human cells and necessary for many metabolic processes. It also has a special significance for the quality of oocytes.

What is the work of vitamin E in woman body?

Vitamin E does miracles in increasing ovulation, even if you are not following any other treatment for fertility. A study has shown that, after taking supplements rich in Vitamin E, the chances of getting pregnant increase by at least 10%.

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It is also essential during pregnancy because it is involved in the neurodevelopment of the baby and protects him/her from infections. Researchers of the College of Public Health and Human Sciences of the University of Oregon (the USA) emphasize on its importance during the first months of life of the child. According to this study, the lack of vitamin E would cause a great increase of infections, asthma, and stunting in some children.

Vitamin E is also called “female vitamin”, which ensures beauty and health in a female body. In particular, this miracle compound is actively used as an ingredient for rejuvenating facial and body treatments. It eliminates the dryness of hair and skin.

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Vitamin E for men’s fertility

Taking vitamins can also improve sperm quality.

  • Antioxidants: Vitamins E & C. A possible positive effect on the quality of men’s sperm may occur if they take antioxidants. The New Zealand research shows that the intake of vitamin E, in particular, seems to have a certain positive effect on sperm motility. Although vitamin E is contained in nuts and high-quality vegetable oils from olives, rapeseed or even sunflowers, an additional intake of up to 400 mg a day seems to make a great sense. The antioxidant vitamin C also has a positive effect on the fertility in a high-dose form. Men taking vitamin C and E, as well as zinc and folic acid, have sperm with improved DNA quality. The German Nutrition Society recommends 110 mg a day of vitamin C.
  • Zink and Selen. These two components can also help men get their natural powers back.
  • Vitamin D. Scientists’ laboratory studies have shown that vitamin D is essential for the production and maturation of sperm stem cells. A lack of vitamin D in a man’s body causes the worse quality of sperm, especially in winter.

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Vitamin E sources

How to get maximum vitamin E: Necessary foods?

  • sunflower seeds
  • paprika and red pepper (sweet or spicy);
  • almonds: eat raw, powdered, or in the form of milk, they are very rich in vitamin E;
  • pine nuts
  • peanuts
  • basil and oregano
  • sage, thyme, parsley, and cumin;
  • dried apricots
  • green olives
  • cooked spinach: in addition to being very healthy, it is rich in minerals and vitamins including vitamin E.
Fertility Issues

If you are planning to have a baby, have fertility problems or wish to improve your general well-being, you should keep to a healthy, well-balanced diet, rich in minerals and vitamins. The chances are that you will look better and become a parent sooner than you think.

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