Touching story of 7-year-old boy hawking bananas melts hearts on social media

Touching story of 7-year-old boy hawking bananas melts hearts on social media

A young Ugandan man has provided help to a young boy he found selling bananas on the roadside. The young man shared photos he took with the 7-year-old boy on social media to share his story with the boy.

The young man identified as Sammer Time took to Facebook page Igboist group to narrate the little boy's story. He revealed that the 7-year-old was abandoned by his father after his mother passed away when he was just 3-months-old.

Sammer also identified the little boy simply as Adam. He noted that Adam is living with his aunt who is a tailor.

7-year-old Adam sells bananas on the roadside due to the fact that his aunt's profits from tailoring is unable to sustain the family.

Banana boy

Touching story of 7-year-old boy hawking bananas melts hearts of Nigerians Photo : Facebook Source: Igboist group

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The good Samaritan further revealed that he had given twenty thousand Uganda shillings to the boy after he spotted him on Thursday, September 6, at Washing bay area in Uganda.

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"God bless you Mr Sammér Timé For what you did to this little young boy this story

Meet my new friend, his name is Adam. I met this determined hard working boy on Thursday morning at a Washing bay in my area, he had a basket of yellow bananas which he sells for a living, being a little boy that he is I got interested in knowing why he was selling bananas at the age of 7yrs because I had a sense that he is quite young to be doing this. He told me his story:

His mother died when he was 3 months old, after the mother's death, his father disappeared and abandoned him completely, the family members took him to the village to live with his grandmother, it was at the age of 4 that his grandmother opened up to him about his mother's passing. When he made 5yrs, the situation became so hard in the village and his Aunty picked him up and brought him to her residence in Ndeeba. The Aunty told him to sell bananas as a source of income to raise money for his school fees, he has to work every single day during the holidays to secure fees for every term. When I saw him yesterday, I gave him 20,000 and told him to go back home and rest because he was looking so tired and exhausted. When he reached home he put 5k into his private wooden money tin and handed over 15k to his Aunty as the yield for the day. Yesterday I told him to come and meet me up today at the same location where we met, he had to get there at 10am this morning but he made it at 8:30am. We have spent the whole day together, took him to town for shopping, had breakfast and lunch together, took him to my place and he showered very well, then went to meet his Aunty at their residence, the Aunty is a tailor and doesn't gain much from her job and can't afford the basics of life. I can't share what she told me about her struggles because it is so emotional and heartbreaking. I have paid his school fees until 2021(I have left the fees with the Aunty). When i was leaving him he said "Today is the best day of my life". He cried and I too broke down because the moment has been over sentimental and the day has been emotional all through.

Note: This post is not a show off and I know I can't take all the kids off the road because this boy is just one out of the many but one day God will see us through.

May God bless you as you too help somebody in your own capacity. Blessings."

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banana boy

The good Samaritan helped the boy Photo : Facebook Source: Igboist group

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