Bisi Alimi denounces Nigerian LGBT community, says 'my activism is personal'

Bisi Alimi denounces Nigerian LGBT community, says 'my activism is personal'

Controversial gay activist based in the United States (US), Bisi Alimi, is the news again. This time around, he came all out for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Nigeria.

Alimi, who is not ashamed of showing off his male husband on social media, took to his Facebook profile to send a note of warning to gay men in Nigeria. He disclosed that his outburst on social media is not meant for them but for his own personal benefit.

He did not end there but further disclosed that his activism is personal and owes them nothing. Amidst his Facebook rant, he added wished them good luck.

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Alimi’s post reads: “There is an idea floating around that I owe the Nigeria LGBT community something! I don’t know what you all think but I need to make it very clear; ‘my activism is personal’. I am not doing what I am doing for you, I am doing it for me, if you benefit from it, then good luck to you! I owe you nothing!

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This got the attention of his Facebook followers as majority of them applauded his write-up. One Susan Obehioye disclosed that: “They forget you are human. They probably think you are Moses and will part some sea for them to freedom. It's not fair for them to expect so much.. Your fight should inspire them to also stand up and they should find ways to work with you not against you.”

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See more reactions below: earlier reported that in a recent interview, Bisi Alimi with his Oyinbo husband spoke about their faith in Christ. The gay couple agreed that they do not believe in God.


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