Glutathione for skin whitening side effects

Glutathione for skin whitening side effects

In case you have not heard, glutathione is the new name in the sphere of skin whitening. Everybody is talking about it, but there is not a lot of information about its side effects. Read the possible side effects of taking glutathione in skin whitening pills and injections, so that you know what risks await you on your journey to fairer skin. It is best to be warned!

Glutathione for skin whitening side effects

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Glutathione appeared on the market of skin whitening products not that long ago, which is why people often place more hope on it than they should, as well as forget about the possible side effects that might occur.

Side effects of skin whitening injections with glutathione

Glutathione for skin whitening injection

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Even though skin whitening injections with glutathione are quite costly, people are still lining up for them. But what does science say about the safety of such injections?

As it turns out, not much. Despite the popularity of injections for skin whitening, there isn't much evidence of how they might negatively affect people. However, some studies have concluded that glutathione injections might be harmful. Here is the list of their (known) adverse effects:

  • Frequent injections (over two-three times a week) might lead to abdominal pain, ranging from moderate to severe.
  • In addition to your skin getting lighter, you might also experience the lightening of your hair colour.
  • In some cases, you might not get an even lightening of the skin, but instead end up with hypopigmented patches of skin.
  • Human body actually produces glutathione on its own. Introducing artificial glutathione via injections might make the body stop producing it naturally, so you will be dependent on injections. Moreover, you can increase your chances of getting skin cancer because of injecting synthetic substances into your body.
Glutathione for skin whitening

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  • Another reason why glutathione injections might lead to skin cancer/melanoma is that they make your skin more sensitive to the sun, making it more vulnerable to the harmful UV rays.
  • If your skin is already sensitive, there is a high risk of it getting irritated. Expect burning sensation, itching and rashes. Even if your skin is not sensitive, you might experience the same effects, as well such serious conditions as toxic epidermal necrolysis and Stevens Johnson Syndrome if the dose of glutathione is too high.
  • In some cases, it was reported that glutathione injections led to kidney dysfunctions and even failure. This might be because glutathione overloaded the renal circulation.
  • A lot depends on the way you get your injections. If you cut on the cost, you might experience a whole range of side effects, such as infection from unsterile instruments, embolіsm (a deadly air bubble in your blood vessels) due to inadequate training of staff or other adverse effects because of cheap/counterfeit glutathione.

Glutathione skin whitening pills side effects

Glutathione for skin whitening pills

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Seeing how many side effects there are to taking glutathione injections, one might turn to glutathione skin whitening pills. After all, they have been around for longer, and they are more affordable. But before you run to your closest apothecary, take a minute to learn about the side effects of these pills. While the pills are indeed safer than injections, be aware of the following things:

  • You might be allergic to a certain type of pills. Just like with injections, you might get itchy and irritated skin. If you do, you should immediately cease the consumption of these pills and contact your doctor. Take the pills along with you to get more information and to avoid getting prescribed this product in the future.
  • Apart from hydroquinone, skin whitening pills are usually packed with other ingredients that might be harmful to your body and general health. They might cause headaches, indigestion, vomiting, nausea, insomnia and many other unpleasant things.
  • After taking the skin whitening pills, the normal functions of your skin may be disrupted. Not only can the pills disrupt the normal melanin production in the body, but they can also raise your hormone levels.
  • Like the any other type of pills, glutathione skin whitening pills are very detrimental to the health of your liver. If it is already damaged, taking these pills will only exacerbate your condition and might have dire consequences.

Now, of course, none of the aforementioned side effects appear with a 100% guarantee, however, you should be aware of all the known risks before going for something so drastic just for some cosmetic purposes. As glutathione is quite a new fad, it is best to wait until it is fully researched, as what we have talked about in this article is not a definitive list of all side effects. So weigh all the pros and cons and make a smart decision.

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