What is the capital of Ogun state?

What is the capital of Ogun state?

What do you know about the capital of Ogun state? In this article, we want to tell you some facts about the history of Abeokuta, and its current state of development. Read on to find out more about the largest town in the state.

Abeokuta city
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Is Abeokuta city the capital of Ogun state?

Ogun State is situated in the southwestern part of Nigeria. The state was created in 1976, at the place of former Western State. The capital and the largest city is Abeokuta. The town is situated at the east bank of important in this region river that is called Ogun. The capital is situated at the fertile area of the wooded savanna. This area is a leader of the export of such products as palm products, cocoa, kola nuts, and fruits.

Ogun state capital

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The headquarters of federal Ogun-Oshun River Basin Authority is situated in Abeokuta city, the organization is responsible for water and land resources of Lagos, Ogun, and Oyo states. There also are different types of industries in the city, for example, breweries, aluminum products factory, sawmills and so on.

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History of Ogun State capital

The word Abeokuta means "the underneath of the rock", the city was founded in 1830. This place was considered as a refuge from slave-hunters from Ibadan and Dahomey. The people from villages took the refuge among the rocks. At the territory of the city, they formed many groups in districts, each of the groups preserved their religious rites and traditional customs. See also: West African countries and their capitals.

The original settlers were Egba people, who came from the Oyo Empire. Later some other Yoruba tribes went to the city. First missionaries from Great Britain went to the town in the 1840s, it was Baptists and Anglicans.

History of Ogun State
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Abeokuta city is situated on palm oil trade roads, and it was a reason for some conflicts in 1851 and 1864. In 1893 Egba United Government was officially based in Abẹokuta city and the United Kingdom recognized it. In 1914 the town became a part of the Nigerian colony. In 1976 the city became the capital of Ogun State.

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Interesting places in Abeokuta city

  • Alake’s Palace
Alake’s Palace

The palace is a monument of culture and history of Egba people. You can find at this place many busts, statues, and figures of gods, deities and historical figures of Egba culture.

  • Olumo Rock
Olumo Rock
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This is a very popular attraction of Abeokuta city. Egba people used this rock as a fortress in the time of inter-tribal wars of the 19th century. The stairs at the rock are man-made, there are also sights of carvings on the rock, you can see the huts of priestesses on the top of the rock. See also: Major rocks in Nigeria and their location.

  • Abeokuta Museum
Abeokuta Museum

The museum holds the artifacts that show and tell about the ancient history of the town. There are ancient weapons and handcrafts of early settlers.

  • Hilltop Golf Resort
Hilltop Golf Resort
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This is a beautiful and quite large golf course, that is a host of a number of national golf tournaments. This is a relaxing place with luscious green landscape and breathtaking sceneries. Abeokuta Golf Club is a prestigious sports organization.

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Today Abeokuta city is a modern town, with developed infrastructure, restaurants, cinemas and hotels. The city is a significant player in the trading market of the country.

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