Nigerian immigrant hired after preventing a robbery in Italy

Nigerian immigrant hired after preventing a robbery in Italy

- A Nigerian man who is an immigrant in Italy stopped a robbery from taking place

- He was granted an employment on the basis of this good deed

- Several people have commended him for representing his country well

Osahon Ewansiha is a young Nigerian who crossed the Mediterranean and migrated to Italy in 2015 because he wanted to start a new life. Upon his arrival, it seemed his dream for a better beginning was not going to be a reality. But his good deed has saved the day.

This young man met his good fortune when he prevented an Italian supermarket from being robbed. On Saturday, June 30, Osahon had taken to begging on the streets near Prestofresco, like he did every day, when he saw a robber stride into the building.

Given his moral character, he dashed into the supermarket just in time to save the thief from stealing money and other valuables. He was also able to save the female cashier from being harassed in any way.

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As expected, this placed him on the good side of the owner of Prestofresco whose name is Domenica Lauro. As a reward for what he did, she hired him based on the contract of a 3-year paid apprenticeship.

Now, Osahon is a proud staff member of the prestigious supermarket located in Turin. This technically makes him the only Nigerian among 70 Italian employees. When asked about why he felt compelled to bravely stand up to the robber, Osahon has this to say:

“I just did what’s normal. This woman needed assistance, so I assisted her.”

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As gathered by, this was not the first time the Nigerian has done a good deed for humanity. After reaching Italy, he arrived at Cosenza where he receiving a permesso di soggiorno on the basis of his humanitarian acts. It was because of this permit which he received on meritorious grounds that he was able to move to Turin.

No doubt, it’s a new beginning for Osahon but even more his story which has gone viral is becoming more of an inspiration for many Nigerians who can’t help but admit that the deed done by the young Nigerian was really worthy of emulation.

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Osahon himself rightly mirrored the gratuitous reward of doing a good act in this statement of his: “My future starts today. I didn’t think my gesture would get me here. It’s changed my life.”

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