Put your phones away and stay in touch with humanity - Yvonne Jegede talks on depression

Put your phones away and stay in touch with humanity - Yvonne Jegede talks on depression

Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede Fawole, has taken to social media to address the issue of depression and how social media plays significant role.

Following the series of reports concerning depression in Nigeria, a lot of celebrities have spoken out on the issue. One of which is Nigerian actress, Yvonne Jegede.

She took to her Instagram page to reveal how social media has contributed to the rate of people falling into depression. According to her, many people now seek validation based on the number of likes they get on the platform.

She wrote: "The other day I watched a documentary talking about the millennial have become a group of people that rely on their phones(which I find myself included), every minute looking for validation from people who are just mere illusions and figures. The reason why you have 1000 followers and only get 10likes and “maybe” 1comment.

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We wake up to our phones and the last thing we touch is our phones. Now our lives are based on why didn’t I get enough likes like I did yesterday? Am I loosing my friends/fans? Don’t they like me anymore?

Put your phones away and stay in touch with humanity - Yvonne Jegede talks on depression

Her post on Instagram Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

NB- THEY NEVER LIKED YOU. PERIOD. They followed you because they saw you on tv or heard your song on the radio and not because you carry Louis Vuitton bags, fly a private jet, the kind of house you live in nor the type of car you drive.

I’ve seen comments online about me being “broke” and “Yvonne shut up you don’t have sh*t” “Are you even a celebrity?” I don’t even flinch, because I will never post or write about my personal life online for nobody except it has to do with my work and it’s progress, whatever I do with my income or proceeds are none of anybody’s business. I’m not the strongest person online and I ain’t got nothing to prove either, especially your validation will not add value to me nor my bank account.

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The more people put pressure on themselves trying to compete, trying by all means necessary to get one thing they cannot afford but they feel the need to because they feel that is what I need to do to get people to like me, then you endanger yourself and your self esteem.

Please everyone be careful out there, keep your phones away sometimes and spend time with your family and friends “the ones you can physically see” and don’t let the internet enslave you. #StayInTouchWithHumanity #ChocoLove Ps. This is to people who have people(who don’t care about them) to please"

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