Simple henna designs for hands and their meanings

Simple henna designs for hands and their meanings

The desire to look beautiful and decorate yourself to a certain extent is common to all people. Henna painting came to us from the eastern and Arab countries. Although today, many people associate mehendi with India, researchers believe that its homeland is Egypt. The bodies of noble women were decorated with henna painting long before our era. simple henna designs for hand.

Henna designs for the hand is an incredible beauty
Henna designs will make your hands special
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In India, the simple henna patterns for hands became popular only nine centuries ago. It became part of important ceremonies and carried a deep religious meaning. For example, the hands and feet of the bride were generously covered with a skillful pattern. Mysterious patterns were attributed to the role of original amulets from supernatural powers and evil spirits.

It is difficult to imagine Hausa traditional wedding without henna patterns on the hands of a bride. For the people of Hausa culture, mehendi isn`t just an ornament .

Mehendi is a painting on the body, which, unlike a tattoo, lasts only a few weeks, is harmless and interesting. If desired, you can apply different drawings each time, since there are unlimited options.

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How to apply henna on the hands?
The process of applying henna on the hands
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Simple henna patterns for hands

Hands aren`t without reason considered the most popular place for painting, here henna designs look most attractive, and a wide choice of sketches allows you to choose the right drawing even for the most sophisticated person.

Henna patterns and their meanings


Applying such a pattern a woman shows that she is in search of a muse, inspiration. A popular variant is a bird with straightened wings, which is a sign of lightness, easy perception of pressing problems. If an owl is depicted, it is a symbolic representation of wisdom, mind, and power.

Such a pattern fits the creative personality
Pattern of a bird
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The curls around the wrist are a powerful talisman against the evil eye and the influence of otherworldly forces. The symbol of the closed circle reminds infinity, it has a powerful effect in the mehendi culture. You can decorate the bracelet with bows, asterisks, delicate flowers.

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This pattern resembles infinity
Pattern of a bracelet
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  • The meaning of the rose henna design is the following: this flower from century to century was considered a symbol of youth, beauty, love, purity, rebirth, and holiness. Rose collects in itself almost all the positive properties and traits. In some countries, the rose is a symbol of secrecy and silence.
  • The lotus symbolizes spiritual awakening, an enlightenment of the mind, harmony, and tranquility. According to the teachings, a person who has on the body an image in the form of a lotus flower is cleansed, acquires spiritual purity and a bright mind. The holder of such a henna tattoo will aspire to rise, grow up to see the light coming from God.
Flowers are the epitome of femininity
Pattern of flowers
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Turkish cucumber

Several hundred years ago, such a pattern allowed itself only representatives of noble births, because it indicates fertility and prosperity in everything. In Hausa culture, when carrying out preparatory rituals before the wedding, it means the bride's immense love for her future husband.

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Simple henna designs for hand
Pattern of Turkish cucumber
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An elephant symbolizes greatness, strength, wisdom, and prudence. The henna design with the image of the elephant has a strong ancient symbolism, which was formed over the centuries. The elephant is a royal animal, and in some cultures, it is considered a deity.

It is a very noble symbol.
Pattern of elephant
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It is a sign with a deep meaning. Its owner should remember that it contains wisdom and the ability to help achieve the desired. This isn`t just an image, but a schematic depiction of the sphere of the dwelling of deities, a stylized model of the universe.

It has sacral meaning
Pattern of mandala
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The appearance of the trap for evil spirits is known to many: a web of threads stretched on a circle of branches of trees and interwoven in a thread of feathers and colored beads. But the meaning of the henna tattoos of dreamcatcher isn`t known to many. It is believed that the amulet catches good thoughts and pleasant dreams, skips all the negative.

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The broken feather means the collapse of hope, flying over the palms - sadness and separation, but if the whole aspiring upwards it means power, freedom, and spirituality.

They are a very multi-valued patterns
Pattern of dreamcatcher and feather
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At the heart of every simple henna designs for hands is the use of simple repetitive elements. Even from a combination of circles, squares, rhombuses, and curls, you can create a complete composition that resembles a charming bird, a three-dimensional heart or a flower placer.

To create a masterpiece, you can use the finished paste in a special cone-shaped tube with a tiny hole. If you have prepared the material yourself, take wooden sticks or thin brushes with a long pile.

To help beginners, are sold special water-soluble stencils, which are wet with water and applied to the selected area of ​​the body.

In the process of creating a masterpiece, don`t touch accessories to the skin, make sure that the formula is laid down easily, like cream on a cake. Don`t be discouraged if at the beginning the lines are crooked. Only practice will help to achieve significant results.

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The drawing process doesn`t cause painful sensations, there is no risk of catching a dangerous infection, and you can change the style of painting
The thing is for girls who don`t want to spoil the beauty of the body with durable tattoos
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Native painting is used as a way of self-expression, giving a special chic and attractiveness to the individual.Fantasy patterns have a special magical meaning, like hundreds of years ago. Decorating the body, the inhabitants of distant countries attract wealth, love, respect for others, and also repel evil spirits.

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