Nigerians reacts as lady finds 8 fishes inside a tin of sardine

Nigerians reacts as lady finds 8 fishes inside a tin of sardine

Ogayemi Monisola, a Nigerian lady, took to sharing a puzzling issue that has gone from surprising to funny on Twitter.

According to her, she had bought a tin of sardine in Abeokuta where she resides. Normally, it was expected that she found about 2 to 3 pieces of fishes soaked in oil within the metal container.

But then, upon opening the tin, she found what seemed like 5 fishes cramped within the container. However, upon extracting the content one after another, she got to know that there were actually 8 fishes within.

Of course, this got her attention as well as gripped her with fear. Sharing the picture of the excess content on Twitter, Monisola expressed her awe in a caption written alongside the photo: "Everybody coman see what I've seen ooo. This night. I first thought it was 5 until I started removing it one by one."

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Monisola also shared yet another photo of a Whatsapp conversation that showed that she was not only telling the truth, but that other people have also experienced something similar to what she encountered.

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More than anything, it was evident she was scared of getting more than she bargained for. Although the post itself was humorous, it was the reactions and comments of people that caused the entire situation to become very hilarious.

Not only did many read their superstitions into the oddity, they also used it as a meme to attack the believed ploys put in place by popular political parties to win the upcoming 2019 elections.

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However, some other people questioned the truth of her report as they could not possibly believe that 8 fishes could fit into the small tin. For this set of people, Monisola had quite the right response.

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