2019: If I pick APC's N45m nomination form, it will be self-serving - Adamu Garba

2019: If I pick APC's N45m nomination form, it will be self-serving - Adamu Garba

- One of the APC presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba, says he can't use his money to buy the nomination form

- He said it will be self-serving to get the nomination form for N45 million

- Garba said he wants to contest on the APC platform because the party is a representation of Nigerian democratic journey

A presidential aspirant under the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Adamu Garba, has faulted the N45 million price tag for the party's nomination and expression of interest form ahead of 2019.

Garba, 36, told Legit.ng that buying the form for that amount will be 'self-serving', stressing that he will rely on Nigerians for support to get the form.

His words: “I can not pick N45 million form alone, if I do it, it will be self-serving, it means personally I am serving myself.

“I don’t believe this is my project, I believe it represents everything any young Nigerian ever stood for. If we go individually, we will be consumed by this nasty system, but if we go collectively, we will conquer and counter every person standing on our way."

Asked why he is insistent on running on the platform of the APC despite the cost of the form, Garba said he believes the APC is the saner political party in Nigeria.

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His words: “APC is a representation of Nigerian democratic journey. Both the APC and the PDP, from the establishment of democratic settings in Nigeria in 1957, these political parties go with different acronyms.

“You can’t solve a problem if you neglect Nigeria’s history, you have to carry it along. We need all the information we have about the country’s democratic journey to fix our tomorrow. That is why I want to identify with the system so we have a history of these things. You learn from mistakes and then you keep getting better.

“The second thing is I am not contesting as a young candidate for the young people, I am contesting for Nigerians, and Nigeria is a society that has both the young and the old. Many important people are in the older generation that we need to carry along. If I want to lead Nigeria, I should be able to honour my elders and respecting their values, while carrying the younger ones along so we can build a prosperous future.

“I believe APC is a saner and cleaner political party in Nigeria. It has more credible people within the party than the PDP, to me personally and I believe that it is a representation of the Nigerian future.

“APC is actually for the youths, all these elders you see we made them, we put them in those positions. I don’t believe simply because we disagree with some policy proposals, we jump to smaller parties to confront them. I don’t believe in confrontation, I believe in evolution.”

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When Legit.ng asked what makes him stands out from other young candidates in the presidential race, Garba said he is the only true youth in the race. He also spoke about his programmes for the nation, adding that he not confrontational towards established politicians.

“We have a very different approach. Most of them are confrontational to the establishment, to the elders. Infact, in our own proposal, we even have a council for Nigerian statesmen, a body that we want these elders to stay, guiding, supporting most of our plans within the country.

“The second thing that differentiates us is the clear policy proposal. We have solutions to specific Nigerian issues. We are after solutions, we are after the future, and I believe this is what stand me out of the other contestants. I am also truly the youth, most of them are hiding under the banner of youth to contest," he said.

Garba, an indigene of Adamawa state, also dismissed suggestions that he should have kick-started his political journey from his home state.

“The problem of Nigeria is a problem that has to be fixed from the top,” he told Legit.ng as he sat back on his chair in his medium-sized office in Maitama, Abuja.

He continued: “The system is designed in such a way that people come to the center to collect their share of the pie. So, the problem is systematic. The way the Nigerian system is organized today, even if you keep an angel in the presidency, if he wants to continue with the current order, I am telling you he is not going to give the right result.

“So, if you start from the state, you may be part of the system because you don’t have the opportunity to fix the system from the top. Power is concentrated in Nigeria from the top, so you have to attack this center from the top, before you can fix it.”

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He said his campaign team already has a comprehensive proposal that address Nigeria's lopsided system from top to bottom – bottom to top.

“One of it is to make sure we transfer Nigeria back to an economic entity away from the political entity that it is currently. And to change it from a consumer society to a productivity society, where people can contribute individually to the state and the center, other than collecting everything from the center and distributing it to the states.

“But if you start from the state, you will just seat at the table and collect your share and go. That means the problems continue and our generations and the future of the country is in trouble. Because we are depending on one source that may dry up tomorrow,” he said.

Election 2019: I represent the future - 36-year old APC presidential aspirant says on Legit.ng TV

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