Man recounts how a lady left him 'embarrassed' after she took him out and paid for his meal

Man recounts how a lady left him 'embarrassed' after she took him out and paid for his meal

- A Nigerian man has taken to Twitter to recount a very astounding experience

- He talked about a lady that had treated himself and a friend to a meal

- Contrary to the norm, the Nigerian woman paid the bills for them

In the Nigerian society and even beyond, it is quite expected that a man who takes a woman out on a date should fund the bills of their meal and other expenses. In a daring display, a woman broke this prevalent norm.

As narrated by Niggu, a Twitter user from Nigeria, he and a friend of his (who was also his cousin) had gone to a lady’s house based on her invitation. Upon driving over to the place, the woman was already outside waiting for them.

After exchanging pleasantries, she suggested that they went to a nearby eatery. Niggu who knew his friend barely had money for this expensive occasion was a little skeptical. But he accompanied his friend and the Nigerian lady, anyway.

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In a swooping manner, the woman paid the bills after they had finished eating. This was even despite the plea from the men that they settle the expenses.

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Niggu who is a rap artiste couldn’t help but be astonished at what had transpired. He and his friend were also embarrassed but according to the Nigerian lady, she had to take up the bill because she was the one that had extended an invitation to them.

A particular Twitter user commented who on the thread insinuated that the lady was the proper wife material for a guy.

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For Niggu, the lady’s action is a rare example of class. What do you think about this?

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