Video of father fixing his daughter's hair makes him an internet sensation

Video of father fixing his daughter's hair makes him an internet sensation

Behind every daughter is an amazing dad. A particular man has raised the bar of what is expected of a real, awesome daddy.

In a video shared by an admirer, an African father who lived in Brooklyn, New York, could be seen fixing the hair of his daughters. This enviable father was dressed casually with a headset on. He was bent over, weaving the hair of one of his two daughters.

The young girl who covered her face with a bag was sitting close to her younger sister whose hair the father had already plaited. This rather loved up moment between the father and his daughters got the attention of many.

A certain Instagram user took to posting the video. The Instagram user who was very impressed with the man’s action embedded the motion picture with an inscription to this note: Real fathers exist. Salute!

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Even more, the IG user couldn’t help but write a long caption that told of how the video meted a motivation to many other fathers or prospective dads.

"Usually I would say "#morningmotivation " but this right here is FOREVER MOTIVATION! This really touched my HEART seeing this because I know one day I WILL become a father and would do ANYTHING for my children yesterday while I was on the 4 train coming from brooklyn to the bronx after training clients I seen this honorable father fixing his daughters hair and being a great example of what a REAL MAN should do for his kids before he left the train I said "God bless you my brother " I just want to Say " SALUTE TO ALL THE REAL FATHERS OUT THERE " you are all motivation for me when its my time to become one and you are all appreciated KINGS ��."

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Many other people commented on the video and showed their admiration for what they considered a display of real affection. However, most people vented out their disapproval saying this was not a yardstick for being a true father.

Video of father fixing his daughters' hair

Video of father fixing his daughters' hair makes him an internet sensation Photo: Body by burnhard Source: Instagram
Source: Instagram

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