Mom of 3 denies knowing her husband in the presence of her lover

Mom of 3 denies knowing her husband in the presence of her lover

Some married men and women now find it very comfortable and pleasurable to cheat on their spouses without fear of being caught. Several cheating stories have been narrated on social media but this has not stopped many from not carrying out the same act.

A young lady identified as The Ruby (@leonarubise) has taken to her Twitter handle to share a sad story of how her uncle’s wife denied him in presence of her new lover. She added that the woman and her uncle have been married for years and have three children together.

On how the woman was caught, Ruby disclosed that her uncle decided to copy out the strange number his wife always refuses to pick anytime they are together into his phone. Called the guy and they agreed on a set up where the husband walked into a bar where his wife and her lover were having fun and the rest is history.

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Ruby added that her uncle’s wife denied knowing him but after he showed them pictures of their wedding, naming ceremonies and more, she confessed that she was once married to him.

Her post reads: “So my uncle's wife who has three children for him has been cheating for more than one year. Just told us the whole episode now, he's so heartbroken. Women too can be scum. How do you start introducing a man twice your age to people at your workplace as your husband? Like I don't get it some people are wicked! I'm trying to comport myself so I can tell the whole story in a comprehensive manner. So my uncle decides to copy this notorious number that his wife always refuses to pick into his own phone. Owner of the no/coadulterer doesn't even know he's been befriending another's wife for months. He begs profusely and set up a meeting with my uncle. As previously planned my uncle 'coincidentally' walked into a bar in another town where the man and his 'babygirl' were having fun so he 'scatters the place in a fit of anger'. Coadulterer and his family members who had been calling my uncle's wife 'iyawo wa' 'manage to restrain my uncle'. Iyawo denied knowing my uncle and having 3 children for him o. My well prepared uncle brings out photos of naming ceremonies of their children, events, marriage, burial etc then she changes story to 'we used to be married but we are separated' mehn this thing is funny but not funny sha person wey you still cook rice for. Ewo long story short jare, scared of my uncle's silence, she packed all her stuff and clothes of the three kids, (she called the eldest 11 but that one being a little grown escapes thru the back door and went away). Loro kan, eru awa obinrin gan nba mi o ara adugbo.

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