Man speaks against those ‘westernising’ their traditional weddings

Man speaks against those ‘westernising’ their traditional weddings

- An aggrieved Nigerian man recently spoke on traditional wedding procedures

- He said it was not right for the customary marriage rite to be westernized

- Several comments from indigenous Nigerians have trailed his opinion

The traditional weddings held in the contemporary world are very different from what obtained in the past. A Nigerian man with the name Uba Acho took to Facebook to talk about this discrepancy and how it personally annoyed him.

According to the man, there is no way a church wedding would be done without a Bible for any reason. But this does not usually happen in traditional settings. In the indigenous marriages that are done now, many laid down principles are tweaked and some are even completely removed.

He mentioned the example of palm wine and libations being excluded in native weddings done by a particular people in the society. This exclusion or rather this inclusion of western ideology has earned his criticism powerfully.

As he said, if the rules and terms that came along with doing a traditional ceremony could not be adhered to by the couple, they should stick to doing a church wedding or registry as the sacredness of indigenous weddings need to be protected.

See his full post here:

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Furthermore, Uba went on to give a vivid example by sharing the picture of a couple performing a traditional rite in a way that had been ‘westernised’. Rather than drink and feed her husband from a cup of palm wine, the couple was substituting this with orange juice.

In capturing his displeasure at this, the Nigerian man wrote this caption:

"Happy Igba Orange juice to this beautiful couple. I believe so much in evolutionary and transiency of culture. However, whilst any culture, custom and tradition is evolving, certain core elements must be retained and maintained, else it loses its saltiness, meaning, relevance, essence and uniqueness. In Igbo land we do, Igba Nkwo, not Igba Orange juice or Igba red wine . It’s been a long day, I’m tired. Will leave this topic for another."

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A lot of people have enthusiastically responded to Uba’s post and picture. From a face evaluation, it was evident that many people agreed with the writer of the message and thought it very inappropriate that these traditional weddings should be disrespected in such manner.

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Only a few thought otherwise. A particular person pointed out that the fact that the man did not write in his native language meant he had also fallen prey to the Western culture.

Uba replied the person in this manner:

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