Amazing transformation photos of Nigerian man who was sick for 9 years

Amazing transformation photos of Nigerian man who was sick for 9 years

A famous Christian hymn goes - The pain and sorrow may last for a night, but joy comes in the morning! Thus is the story of Newman Newman, a young man whose story in 1998 will sicken anyone's heart.

Newman had a difficult young adult life after he was diagnosed with a critical condition that made his physical body deteriorate and basically zap his flesh. Photos of the young man in the hospital showed him all bones as he struggled to be a normal human being again.

The journey was a tough one and Newman had to live the life of an inept individual for none years, looking to God for a miraculous healing. The young chap was basically anorexic and almost lost his life as his body wasn't retaining any useful protein to aid his growth.

From 1998- 2008, Newman lived his worst years on earth. Fast forward to 2018, and his story is a song to the ears of people hoping for a difficult healing. The young man shared a post, asking people to never give up God, using his story as an inspirational lesson to social media users.

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Newman in the hospital with his family Source: Facebook, Newman Newman
Source: Facebook

From his photos, the young man survived what could have snatched his life and also had the support of his mother who took care of him all through the nine years he had to face such harsh reality.


Young Newman in critical condition before miraculous transformation Source: Facebook, Newman
Source: Facebook

Today, Newman is indeed a 'new man' Now, more healthy and robust, he is living the life of his dreams and is even a minister in his church.

Read his post below:

There's truly no Miracle too difficult for God!


Present day Newman, looking healthy and robust. source: Facebook, Newman
Source: Facebook

His story and millions of others are like a candle of hope people can lit up when they feel all is lost. recently, a woman who was diagnosed with cancer and given two months to live, survived.

That in effect proves that miracles do happen and those who believe experience it.

One can also never underestimate the unconditional love and support of a mother. earlier shared the refreshing details of a young graduate whose petty trader mother put through school with her meager earnings.

Needless to say, all mothers are superheros and fathers too!

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