Nigerian lady allegedly dies after taking sleeping pills

Nigerian lady allegedly dies after taking sleeping pills

Some young men and woman have taken it as a norm to take their lives at the slightest level of frustration or depression. It becomes war if anyone tries to talk them out of it, some don’t even open up to anyone until they satisfy their conscience.

A young lady identified as Zahra Zaraa Danejo (@tinkizee2) has taken to her Twitter handle to share a heartbreaking story of how her friend took her life using sleeping pills. She carefully revealed how the young lady was rushed to the hospital but unfortunately, she died the next day.

Danejo has since then found it hard to forgive herself, adding that how it was possible for her not to notice her friend was depressed and unhappy. The young lady was said to have been rushed to the hospital on Sunday, September 2, and died on Monday morning, September 3.

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The post reads: “A good friend of mine overdosed on sleeping pills because she wanted to take her life. Alhamdulillah she has been stabilized and is recovering in hospital. I’m just here beside myself wondering how I didn’t notice she was unhappy. Just thinking of our conversations and stuff and wondering if there was a hint I missed. Please talk to the people who love you. I’m just in tears right now. We become so busy we don’t notice the dimness in their eyes. We conclude they are fine and they conclude we wouldn’t care to know the internal battle. I failed my friend don’t fail yours. Just shocked and upset. Last time we spoke was on Thursday, we talked about our plans for Kabafest I had no idea she was suicidal. I feel so guilty. She died this morning.

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