Nigerian man praises the business sense of Hausa fruit seller in Lagos

Nigerian man praises the business sense of Hausa fruit seller in Lagos

A Nigerian man gives accolades to fruit seller who sold fruits to him in Lagos state. The Nigerian man took to popular content sharing website Nairaland to share his story.

According to the man, the fruit seller does his business opposite the Isolo General Hospital in Oshodi. The unidentified man noted that the fruit seller sells water melons and pineapples.

The man went ahead to analyse how the fruit seller makes his profit at the spot where he sells fruits. He expressed that while gisting with the fruit seller, he noticed that the fruit seller made N1,200 in 20 minutes.

According to him, the man would make about N180,000 per month if he makes N1200 every 10 minute.

Fruit seller

Nigerian man praises the business sense of Hausa fruit seller in Lagos Photo source: Nairaland
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Read his analyses below:

"Guess what, I was in the streets of Lagos, just opposite Isolo General hospital this evening, sitting down with a very friendly Hausa fruit seller. He sells just water melons and pineapples.

I patronised him, then sat on his bench, was looking around and gisting with him. I noticed something very interesting. In the space of like 20 minutes, this young man made like N1, 200 in sales. It was a very busy street.

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I started mental calculations. That was before I took the selfie though. Lolz. Ok. Let's assume that only N200 out of this guy's N1, 200 is his profit. This means this guy makes like N200 every 20 mins or N10 per minute.

Ok. N10 per minute equals N600 per hour. Multiply that by 10 hours per day, 8am-6pm. This equals N6, 000 per day OF PROFIT! Multiply that by 30 days per month. These guys work everyday mind you.

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That's N180, 000 per month! OF PROFITS! Ok. Let's say we over-estimated things. Let's take away N100, 000 from this money. Doing that, this uneducated roadside fruit seller still nets N80, 000 every freaking month! Correct me if I'm wrong with these calculations!

Should you start selling fruits on a busy road? I don't know. But what I know is this. Whatever it is you do for yourself, it will surely pay you more than what some employers out there will pay you."

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