Mixed race couple proves that love cannot be torn apart by racial conflicts

Mixed race couple proves that love cannot be torn apart by racial conflicts

- A couple named Doreen and Andrew have proven that love conquers all

- Married for 53 years in the UK, they endured harsh racism which they overcame

- Sadly, Doreen passed away only recently

Doreen and Andrew are two people who have had a long and happy marriage despite enduring racism in the United Kingdom because of their mixed identity.

As gathered by Legit.ng, this couple first met in 1956 when Andrew migrated to the UK from the Dominica where he originally was born.

Speaking in an interview, Andrew described how he had seen Doreen for the first time and known that instant that he loved her. For him, their first encounter was "love at first sight."

He said: "She was a very good looking girl with lovely, wavy hair. I think from the very first week I saw her, I knew I was in love with her."

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When they started courting, they quickly noticed that theirs was a relationship nobody wanted. Andrew explained how hard it was for them having noticed the hostile public perceptions of their relationship were hostile.

"It was a hard time because in those days people used to say, 'No blacks, no Irish, no dogs."

However, the height of hostility was heightened when Doreen fell pregnant with their first child. Even the lady's elder sister suggested that they give the child away.

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Despite the cruelty, Doreen kept her baby and stayed by Andrew, resisting the strong opposition to their relationship. It was her mom that especially resisted their marriage. But rather unexpectedly, the two went on to be together for 53 years.

It is however painful that, Doreen had a heart operation a few years ago and after that, her healtha deteriorated. Only recently, she was admitted at a hospital after a septic infection and it was at that point she passed away. Through it all, she had her husband Andrew by her side.

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At this point, Andrew has pointed out living without Doreen by his side is very lonely. But the memories of her keep him going. He is grateful for the moment he spent with her.

Really, when it comes to personifying the kind of love that conquers all including racism, this couple fits the mold perfectly.

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