Sugarcane juice disadvantages you should know

Sugarcane juice disadvantages you should know

Let’s talk about sugarcane juice disadvantages. Just as this juice has its advantages, it also has its side effects. Learn why sugarcane juice might be bad for you!

Sugarcane juice disadvantages

While there are a lot of benefits to drinking sugarcane juice, there are about as many side effects. Below, you'll find seven reasons you should drink it in moderation or avoid it.

Sugarcane juice for diabetes

Sugarcane juice contains lots of sucrose and fructose, which does not make it appropriate for people who suffer from diabetes or have a predisposition to it. If you drink it too often, your blood sugar might rise exponentially, thus causing a very negative reaction. Because of this, if you do not want to develop diabetes or exacerbate your existing condition, only drink sugarcane juice in moderation or avoid it entirely.

Effect of sugarcane juice on teeth

Once again, the high levels of sucrose and fructose come into play. Both of these elements are essentially sugar, and we all know that sugar is bad for the teeth. If you drink sugarcane juice too often, especially if you have poor dental hygiene, you can cause significant damage to your tooth enamel, weaken the gums and teeth, and expose your pearly whites to cavities.

Sugarcane juice and obesity

Sugarcane juice

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It seems that most of the troubles from sugarcane juice arise because of its high sugar content. This time, we are talking about the effect of sugarcane juice on your weight. If you drink it often, you can forget about fitting into your favourite pair of jeans. That said, if you process the juice to get rid or refine its natural sugars, you might actually use it for weight loss (but that is a topic for another article).

Sugarcane juice side effects for the stomach

The natural sugar contained in sugarcane juice may lead to some stomach troubles. For instance, according to research, it has been proven that this drink could cause nausea, dizziness, upset stomach and headaches. So if you want to avoid these adverse effects, make sure you consume the juice in moderation.

Sugarcane juice and insomnia

If you want to have a good night’s sleep, stay away from sugarcane juice, especially in the evenings. If you drink it too much or too often, you might develop insomnia, along with other sleep disorders. Drinking sugarcane juice late in the day will only increase the chances of you developing those disorders.

Side effects of sugarcane juice on blood thickness

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We have talked a lot about the adverse effects of the natural sugars in sugarcane juice, but they are not the only thing that might negatively influence your health. This drink also contains policosanol, which is a powerful blood thinner. Therefore, sugarcane juice is not recommended for those who take blood-thinning medicine, as it might make things worse.

Sugarcane juice effect on cholesterol levels

While we are on the topic of blood, another thing affected by sugarcane juice is the cholesterol levels. If you drink it, your cholesterol level may rise, which is generally not very good. It is particularly not good if you suffer from diabetes, hypertension or heart conditions. For this reason, you should keep your sugarcane juice intake moderate or simply avoid it.

As you can see, there are quite a lot of downsides to drinking sugarcane juice. This does not necessarily mean that you should never drink it again (unless it is really harmful to you in particular), but that you should avoid overindulging in it.

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