Tara Durotoye pens heartwarming note to husband (photo)

Tara Durotoye pens heartwarming note to husband (photo)

- Tara Durotoye in a touching message promises to support her husband in all his endeavours

- She says this in light of a pending decision that will determine his role in the 2019 election

- The loyal and patriotic wife shows her allegiance first to her husband and then to her country

Tara Durotoye, founder of House of Tara, is one of the successful women in Nigeria who has demonstrated resilience and doggedness in keeping her business alive. However successful she may be though, the beautiful woman is showing that she cares for her husband Fela Durotoye in a very special way.

Fela who is part of what is known as Presidential Aspirants Coming Together (PACT) is expecting the outcome of a proceeding that might just as well determine if he would be one of the candidates vying for the post of a president. Two other candidates identified as Kingsley Moghalu, and Omoyele Sowore are signed up to the coalition.

It is at this crucial moment that his wife Tara pledges her support to him. This she did through a post she shared on her Instagram page:

"OluFELAmi.... No matter the outcome of today’s proceedings at PACT; I want you to know I am incredibly proud of you."

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After calling her husband by his pet name Olufelami, the Nigerian born lawyer turned makeup entrepreneur went on to say she was proud of him for his achievement so far and for stepping out into a territory that was not his comfort zone:

"You took a step many will not dare to take and left your comfort zone to a place UNKNOWN. You keep winning in my eyes & I have your back always. Can’t wait to be in your arms #towardsAnewNigeria #anewnigeriaispossible."

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The owner of a popular makeup outfit also indicated her staunch loyalty to him regardless of the result of PACT meeting as well as to her country which she believed could be new again. But more than anything, the business role model made a point of saying she couldn't wait to have her husband in her arms again.

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This open show of affection no doubt shows that she loves her husband Fela and she does not mind flaunting what she feels for him.

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